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Palia Cooking Guide: How To Cook, Get Ingredients & Build Kitchen

Be the revered master chef in Kilima Village by mastering the Cooking skill by harvesting ingredients and building a kitchen to practice in Palia.
Palia Cooking Guide: How To Cook, Get Ingredients & Build Kitchen

The Skill system plays a significant role in how you play and experience the world of Palia through the eight available skills in-game. These skills can enhance your explorations in Kilima Village and beyond, as they can help you complete tasks and challenges and discover new lore and secrets.

Cooking is one of these eight skills that can encourage cooperative play with others through unique activities or getting together to catch up. Here’s what you must know about the Cooking skill, including how to get ingredients and build a kitchen in Palia.

How To Learn The Cooking Skill In Palia?

Cooking skill, like fishing and gardening, is another relaxing way for players to express themselves and spend time with friends in Palia creatively. This skill correlates with gardening, where you can utilize the resources harvested from your home garden to cook a feast in your kitchen.

palia skills guide cooking how to learn cooking how to cook
Cooking is an expressive skill that players can use to make delicious, hearty meals to share with friends and other players. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Shyloh)

As for learning this specific skill, you can meet up with Reth at the Inn, who will guide you through this skill’s Introduction quest, which helps you get acquainted with the basics and mechanics of cooking. From there, the world’s your oyster; you can improve your cooking prowess by continuously cooking using random ingredients or following a recipe.

These recipes can be unlocked in different ways, including acquiring them from Reth once you’ve gained enough experience to level up your cooking skill. You can also acquire rare recipes from Zeki, the local shopkeeper in Kilima Village, but recipes could be unlocked just by throwing random ingredients together.

Naturally, not only do you need ingredients, but you’ll need a cooking stove and other equipment before you can start cooking. Once you have the ingredients and the equipment ready, interact with the stove to bring up a mini-game where you can add ingredients to a pot, and once done, you will have successfully cooked a meal to share with friends.

How To Get Cooking Ingredients In Palia?

Before we start cooking, you will need a stove, other cooking equipment, apparatus, and ingredients. Many of these ingredients can be foraged in the wild and grown in your home garden, where you need their seeds to plant and farm produce.

palia skills guide cooking how to get ingredients fishing skill fish
Another way of acquiring cooking ingredients is by hunting and fishing, which the latter can help level up your Fishing skill. (Picture: Singularity 6)

You can also fish and hunt to acquire fish and juicy meat cuts combined with fresh vegetables and herbs to make delicious, hearty meals. Likewise, you can acquire unique ingredients from Reth, who can be found at the Inn and can also give you recipes when leveling up your cooking skills, and possibly Zeki may have some rare cooking items and ingredients.

How To Build A Kitchen In Palia?

If cooking is the skill you wish to master; you’ll need a kitchen befitting of a master chef with the necessary equipment and a bustling garden. Within your home space, you can build or attach the kitchen space or room to your home as long as you have the required resources to build.

This will take some real-world time to build before you have an empty kitchen space to fill with furniture items to craft. To construct a kitchen using your main workbench, you can access the UI where you can find crafting recipes for various furnishings for the kitchen, like counters, washing sinks, and stoves, which can be obtained when progressing with the Furniture Making skill.

Remember, you will need resources mined and collected before crafting these furniture items like wood, stone, and brick. With the resources on hand, you can craft the furniture items for your kitchen before placing them in the assigned space, and you can decorate it further with tables and chairs and start cooking.