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How To Get Stone And Silver Ore In Palia

In Palia, nothing is more common and useful than Copper and Silver. Follow this guide to find them without any hassle!
How To Get Stone And Silver Ore In Palia
Singularity 6

Stone and silver are one of the most essential materials that you'll need to mine in Palia in order to make buildings, crafting stations, and silver bars. However, finding stone and silver ore in Palia can be challenging, as the game does not provide specific directions for farming these resources.

With that said, we will show you how to get stone and silver ore, two of the most useful resources in Palia.

Where To Farm Stone And Silver Ore In Palia

Stone and silver ore can easily be found in both the Kilima and Bahari bay regions
Stone and silver ore can easily be found in both the Kilima and Bahari bay regions. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Stone is a common resource that can be gathered from stone nodes in both the Kilima and Bahari Bay regions. On the other hand, silver ore is a rare resource that can be obtained from silver nodes specifically located in the Kilima region.

If you explore around Kilima and Bahari Bay, keep an eye out for stone nodes, which can be found along cliff walls or near water sources. These nodes are easily identifiable due to their color and rough texture. To extract stone from these nodes, you can use any type of pickaxe, though using a higher quality pickaxe will yield more stone.

In contrast, locating silver nodes requires some attention as they are typically situated near cliff walls or within caves in the Kilima region. Silver nodes stand out with their appearance and smooth texture. You'll need a pickaxe or better to mine silver ore from these nodes; using a crude pickaxe won’t be enough.

What Are Stone And Silver Ore Used For In Palia?

Before you head into the game and start mining these resources, let's give a detailed overview of the benefits of farming stone and silver ore in Palia.

First of all, you can craft various essential items such as stone bricks, stone walls, and stone floors using Stone. Apart from this, stone plays a crucial role in the formation of crafting stations, stone furnaces, stone workbench, and stone anvils.

When it comes to Silver Ore, you'll need this material to craft valuable items like silver tools, weapons, and armor. If you're running low on gold coins, you can smelt silver ore into silver bars and sell them to vendors in Palia for coins.