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Palia Mining Guide: How To Learn & Level Up Skill

Players can use the Mining Skill to mine valuable stones and gemstones during tasks and quests or through open-world exploration in Palia.
Palia Mining Guide: How To Learn & Level Up Skill

Throughout your adventures in Kilima Village, you may discover caves and mining locations reap with opportunities for endless explorations and potential resource gathering. If the latter pique your interest, you should learn about the Mining Skill, one of eight skills available and unlocked at the start of your gameplay.

So what is mining in the world of Palia, and how does one learn this skill is what many players have questioned. In this guide, we'll explain how you can learn how to mine, progress, and level up this skill in Palia.

What Is Mining And How To Learn In Palia?

With a world designed for adventures, explorations, and discovery, players are encouraged to glide off cliffs, climb trees, and find secrets and surprising items in their environments. There are also caves to explore where you might find some scarce and valuable resources, one that you may not need to buy from Zeki.

Harvesting these resources requires the Mining Skill, one of eight unlockable skills you can gain experience points for and level up when using them in-game. Mining is quite a stamina-consuming skill as it demands you rely heavily on your equipment and tools to break ores, destroy nodes, or continue excavating tunnels within mines.

Also, it does demand you not be afraid of the dark or the creatures that reside within mines, or this may not be the skill for you to progress with. But if you do wish to become a master in this skill, you will need to link up with Hodari once you have completed the tutorial quest, and you will have become acquainted with him during this quest.

Hodari is one of many Villager NPCs that live in Kilima Village and is the assigned Skill Master for the Mining Skill in Palia. He will assist you when completing the Introduction Quest for Mining and can be of further help once this quest is completed; you can accept any mining-related tasks and quests to become efficient in this skill and earn experience points and rewards.

How To Level Up The Mining Skill In Palia?

Leveling up the Mining Skill in Palia is straightforward, like other skills available to explore in-game. All that is needed from players to complete mining-related tasks and quests and through your explorations in Kilima Village when discovering mines, mining nodes, and other resource harvesting methods.

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Players can earn experience points to level up the Mining Skill by using this skill when completing tasks and quests or through exploration. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Finchinious Flep)

You can receive experience points contributing to your Mining Skill level when engaging in mining activities. The more you use this skill, the faster you can gain experience and level up this skill to unlock unique rewards and achievements.

You can meet up with Hodari each time you unlock a new Mining Skill level, for which he’ll award rewards that make your time mining more efficient and worthwhile. Some of these rewards you may receive include new recipes for equipment and tools, new crafting ideas, and possibly more mining resources available to locate.

Once you’ve harvested enough resources, these can be utilized in other applications like furniture crafting when accessing the workbench. This will also help earn experience points for the Furniture Making Skill and unlock rewards and achievements for that skill if you wish to explore it.

Lastly, in meeting up with Hodari, you can explore his character questline by completing various tasks and other quests to gain experience points towards his Friendship level. After reaching a specific in-game milestone, Hodari can be available to romance if you wish to pursue him as a romantic partner in Palia.