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Palia It Takes A Village - Caleri Quest Guide And Walkthrough

Locate cloud pools within the Temple of the Gales for Ancient Cloudminnow to feed hatchlings in Palia’s It Takes a Village – Caleri quest.
Palia It Takes A Village - Caleri Quest Guide And Walkthrough
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

It Takes a Village is a three-part quest for Caleri, Elouisa, and Zeki, in which players are to help each Villager further their investigations into a mysterious experiment found on the Main Island of the Temple of the Gales. For Caleri's quest, they will help her find food sources somewhere on the island that can nourish the Silverwing hatchlings placed in a nest as eggs on the Main Island.

This quest will see players using their glider to explore the surrounding islands in search of sources to be found before returning to her to complete the quest. Discover if the Ancient Cloudminnow does exist by completing the It Takes a Village – Caleri quest using the objectives provided for Palia.

Palia It Takes A Village - Caleri Quest Objectives List

This quest is one of three quests players can receive during the Silver-winging It! Quest when inquiring how to reach the island across from the Main Island. Caleri will state that the Main Island and the puzzle are connected, and she suggests finding food for the Silverwings somewhere on the island.

palia quest guide it takes a village caleri quest objectives second location western island flow gate
Players must activate a Flow Gate on the western island for Caleri to appear nearby. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

This will trigger the It Takes a Village - Caleri quest, as players will need to traverse the smaller islands using the platforms, grates, and air currents scattered throughout the island. They'll also need to visit the neighboring islands for the puzzle or experiment to be activated, which can be achieved by activating a Flow Gate on the island's western side and speaking to Caleri again.

We've detailed below the quest objectives players must complete to further their progress for the It Takes a Village - Caleri quest:

  • Explore to find a way to activate the mysterious experiment
  • Activate the island's Flow Gate
  • Talk to Caleri
  • Find a source of food on the island
  • 0/4 Catch additional Cloudminnows
  • Return to Caleri

How To Complete The It Takes A Village - Caleri Quest In Palia?

This quest tasks players with finding food sources on the islands to feed the Silverwing hatchlings. Players are looking for pools of water hidden within the clouds as they need to fish for Ancient Cloudminnow, which appears at any time of the day and doesn't require bait.

Four cloud pools can be found near Caleri's second location, beside the Flow Gate on the Main Island's eastern side, but they can only catch one Ancient Cloudminnow per pool. They will be marked with a giant fish board, highlighting the presence of a cloud pool, and players can fish these ponds to catch the Ancient Cloudminnow.

Let's look at all the locations for these cloud pools at the Temple of the Gales:

Food Source #1:

  • From Caleri's second location near the Flow Gate, glide across to reach the bridge, climb up the grate before turning right, and jump down to the ledge below.
  • They'll need to glide across to safety and find their first cloud pool.

Food Source #2:

  • From the first source, climb across the grate to reach the other side and head left before wrapping around the structure to find a grate that they can climb up.
  • This brings them back to Caleri as they'll need to glide across the bridge and climb up the grate before turning left through the small temple.
  • Climb up the grate to find another small temple where they can find the second pool and an Ancient Treasure Chest inside.

Food Source #3:

  • Backtrack your steps from the small temple down the grate and pass through the next small temple before turning left and heading for the series of citadel-like platforms.
  • They'll need to jump across to climb up the vines first and walk down the narrow beam before turning left and jumping to glide across to reach the next set of vines.
  • Once they've reached the top, the third cloud pool will be to their left, where they can get their third Ancient Cloudminnow.

Food Source #4:

  • The final cloud pool can be seen from the previous location as they must glide across to reach the island and stay to the right before gliding across to the citadel ruins.
  • Use the air currents to reach the next ruins before climbing up the vines and gliding across to get to the vines once more and climb up.
  • Another set of vines can be found here; once at the top, they'll need to glide again to reach a small island with a tree before jumping onto the vines on their left.
  • Now, on a bridge, jump across the bridge and use the air current for a boost to reach the other side of the bridge, and the last cloud pool can be located.

Players are to catch four Ancient Cloudminnows before turning them to Caleri by gliding across and passing the windmills while keeping to their left and reaching Caleri to complete the quest. Caleri will award them five Renown, and they can progress with the It Takes a Village - Elouisa and It Takes a Village - Zeki to activate the puzzle or experiment.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.