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Where To Get Pets In Palia

The latest game update for Palia introduces pets into the world, as Palcats can be acquired as a purchase bonus from the Premium Store.
Where To Get Pets In Palia

Palia’s latest game update, version 0.166, brought a wealth of new content, updates, bug fixes, and optimizations to enhance the game’s quality of life and improve gameplay stability. The Premium Store saw some new updates with a few system tweaks and new items added to the store for players to acquire with Palia Coins.

One of the latest content additions included in the game is the arrival of pets you can bring back to your lovely abode. As to how players can acquire them, we’ve detailed in this guide how you can get a furry companion as a pet in Palia.

How To Get A Pet In Palia?

Pets have arrived at Palia in the latest game update, which is the talk of Kilima Village for players to adopt and bring home. The game introduced four types of cats, called Palcats, which are available to acquire and follow you throughout your explorations and adventures in-game.

Players would have noticed a new Inventory slot when visiting their character profile menu page, as you can only equip one pet to this slot should you adopt one. The four types of cats available to obtain in Palia are as follows:

  • Island Palcat
  • Nocturnal Palcat
  • Sandy Palcat
  • Snowy Palcat
palia pets guide how to get pets premium store jel's tailor store cats palcats island palcat nocturnal palcat sandy palcat snowy palcat
Interact with the cash register at Jel's Tailor store to access the Premium Store and purchase Palia Coins to get a free Sandy Palcat. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Players looking to adopt these feline companions must have some Palia Coins, which can be purchased from the Premium Store. This can be accessed when visiting Jel’s tailor store in Kilima Village and interacting with the cash register to enter the Premium Store, where you can browse the storefront for the latest costumes and clothing items.

The Sandy Palcat is available for free “as a one-time bonus” to players when purchasing a Palia Coin bundle or amount from the Premium Store. To get the Island, Nocturnal, and Snowy Palcats, you must have accumulated 3,000 Palia Coins bought from the Premium Store to unlock these remaining cats.

Players who participated in the Palia Alpha Tests and transacted at the Premium Store will retroactively receive these bonuses. With these feline friends now adopted, you can go to your Inventory and click the “pet” option to have them at your side, which comes with their unique interface by hitting the Y key.