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How To Get & Use Palia Coins In Palia

Palia has its virtual currency, Palia Coins, which players can use to make store purchases, as we explained how to get and use them in-game.
How To Get & Use Palia Coins In Palia

Developer Singularity 6 has outlined its business approach to monetization in the upcoming cozy MMO, Palia. This includes their decision to monetize items not included in the base game, as the developer stated that ”if you can’t buy the things you earn, it also means you won’t be able to earn the things you can buy.”

So how one buys items in-game requires you to have a specific virtual currency called Palia Coins. As to what they are, we’ve explained everything you may need to know about Palia Coins, including how to use and get them in Palia.

10th August 2023 Update: We've updated this guide to provide information on how players can acquire and use Palia Coins in Palia. The edited article continues below.

What Are Palia Coins & How To Get Them In Palia?

Palia Coins is the game’s premium currency, tied to its monetization policy, as detailed in the developer’s post. According to the game’s official Terms of Service (ToS), this in-game currency serves no purpose outside the game as it has no value and, likewise, when grinding towards your gameplay progression.

palia economy guide currency palia coins explained how to get premium store
Palia Coins are sold through the Premium Store, accessed by visiting Jel or his cash register at his tailor store. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

This premium currency can be purchased using your local currency, for which there are several bundles, with a few granting bonus Palia Coins. These coins must be associated with your account, so you can use them to purchase from a special store as long as you have them.

There are two ways to access this special store called Premium Store: the first is to head to your character’s profile by hitting the P key and clicking the golden box icon top right of your profile. You’ll be taken to the shop’s menu, and by clicking the +/plus icon to the right of the screen, you’ll be taken to the premium currency’s page, where you can view all the available bundles.

The second way is to visit Jel, the local tailor, where you can visit his store left of Zeki’s General Store and interact with the cash register to access it. Should Jel not be at his shop, you can find him on his daily walks around Fisherman’s Lagoon.

According to the game’s Business Model blog post, we know that Palia’s base game is and will be a free-to-play (F2P) game at launch, and as such, any content not included in the base game will be monetized. These items include various cosmetics and clothing items that can be used for your character and, as such, have no impact on your gameplay progression.

How Can You Use Palia Coins In Palia?

palia economy guide currency palia coins explained how to use purchases buy cosmetic items costumes clothing items
Players can use Palia Coins purchased from the Premium Store, which can be used to buy costumes and other clothing items. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As Palia Coins are the game’s virtual currency which has no involvement or contributions to your progression, players can use Palia Coins to acquire various in-game or virtual items such as clothing, cosmetics, and more.

To reiterate, Palia Coins can only be used in-game as you’ll need enough coins to make an in-game transaction. Once you have purchased any Palia Coins bundle from the Premium Store, you go back to its main page, where you can buy any number of costumes and clothing items available the developer has stated that these items will be in rotation.

As revealed in the PC Public Beta announcement, Alpha Testers would have received their Palia Coins following the final server reset before the start of the Closed Beta on 2nd August 2023. This means they will not only be getting all their Palia Coins used in the Alpha back, but they will also gain a 20% bonus in coins visible on their account when signing back into the game and visiting the Premium Store.