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Palia Refer-A Friend-Program: How To Join, Referral Link & Rewards

Players earn exclusive rewards by joining the Refer-A-Friend Program and inviting five friends to join you and your Palian adventures in-game.
Palia Refer-A Friend-Program: How To Join, Referral Link & Rewards

Singularity 6’s cozy MMO, Palia, lets players embark on an epic Palian adventure with their friends or meet new friends in-game. You can play and enjoy various activities like fishing, insect catching, or mining solo, but this game is “fun solo, but better together!”

The developer has launched a new incentive program, Refer-A-Friend, where inviting your friends can reward you and your friends greatly. We have detailed in this guide how the Refer-A-Friend works, how to join, and the rewards you can earn in Palia.

27th July 2023 Update: This guide reflects the latest news and updates for the upcoming Closed and Open Beta for Palia arriving to PC starting 2nd August 2023, as players can sign up for an account and use their referral link to invite their friends to join. The original reporting continues below.

What Is The Refer-A-Friend Program For Palia?

This rewards program for the cozy MMO, Palia, is a system where players can refer their friends to join them in their adventures in-game which lets you earn exclusive rewards. This can be incredibly beneficial for players joining Palia for the first time, as they will be rewarded with valuable items which can help them when starting.

Players can refer a maximum of five friends to acquire the five exclusive rewards sent to their in-game Mail. These rewards are guaranteed by referring your friends, which are achieved by forwarding a referral link when creating an account.

How To Join The Refer-A-Friend Program For Palia?

How this Refer-A-Friend rewards program works starts by creating an account if you’re a first-time player or logging into your account. Within your account, locate the “Refer A Friend” tab, where you can find the unique referral link, which can be copied and forwarded to your friends.

palia features guide refer a program how to join referral link code mailbox
Players can forward their referral link to five friends to join them in Palia and earn rewards through the Refer-A-Friend program. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Once your five friends redeemed the referral link by creating a Palia account, you will receive a reward in-game. The rewards will be available to acquire during the upcoming Closed and Open Beta, which begins in August 2023 on PC.

The rewards will take up to 24 hours to be sent to your account, which is found in the News section of your Mail; however, if your rewards aren’t available after 24 hours, you will need to double-check a few things. Players are to ensure that their friend has successfully created a Palia account and have your referral link, as you will need to sign out and log back into the game, check your Mail, and have waited 24 hours for the rewards to be mailed.

If your rewards haven’t been mailed to your account, contact Player Support for further assistance. This also applies if your friend has redeemed the referral link, but it wasn’t reflected on your account.

palia features guide refer a program how to earn rewards earning rewards referral link code finding friends
Refer five friends to join you in Palia to receive exclusive rewards, including a Glider Skin. (Picture: Singularity 6)

To view if your referral link has been redeemed, you can navigate to your Accounts page, and you should see if your friend has created an account. Players eligible for these rewards must have created their accounts as of 11th July 2023, which does exclude Alpha accounts, and will work if your friends are playing on the Nintendo Switch version.

What Are The Rewards To Earn From The Refer A Friend Program?

As Players can refer five friends to join you in Palia, you’ll receive a reward for each friend you have referred. As mentioned before, these rewards will be mailed to your account, found under the News tab of your Mail.

Let’s take a look at the fantastic rewards players can earn by referring your friends to join them in Palia:

  • Finding Friends Chapaa Hat
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Plush
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Outfit
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Fountain
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Glider Skin

Lastly, there’s a bonus reward your referred friends can receive by creating an account using your referral link. There can receive the Kilima Fruit Basket once they’ve logged into and completed the required quest, which they can earn later through game progression.