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Phasmophobia Gets New Roadmap, Equipment Updates In Development Preview 9

In Phasmophobia Development Preview #9, Kinetic Games showcased a 2023 - onwards roadmap and equipment changes.
Phasmophobia Gets New Roadmap, Equipment Updates In Development Preview 9

Following last month's Phasmophobia Development Preview #8, Kinetic Games has already provided fans with another Development Preview (#9) which includes even more information than the last. Included in Kinetic Games' most recent development update is a 2023 - onwards roadmap, with changes to Freezing Temperatures and the Thermometer equipment, and more.

Here's a look at all of the information, updates, and sneak peeks included in Phasmophobia Development Preview #9, so you know what to expect in Phasmophobia's next major update.

Phasmophobia 2023 - Onwards Roadmap

phasmophobia roadmap
The Development Preview included the Phasmophobia roadmap for the next year. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

As Phasmophobia's 2022 - 2023 roadmap wrapped up, Kinetic Games has released a 2023 - onwards roadmap including tons of new updates in the game's relatively near future. Included in the roadmap is a player customization update, the announced prestige/progression update, tons of equipment updates, new equipment, and more.

The major progression update will be released in stages, with the first stage coming out very soon in July 2023. The second is slated for release in Q3 2023, with the third and final stage releasing in Q4 2023.

The roadmap also mentioned the Horror 2.0 update coming in 2024 onwards, which will add new ghost models to the game and change the entire Phasmophobia experience.

Thermometer And Freezing Temperature Changes

phasmophobia thermometer tier 3
The Tier 3 thermometer scans at double the speed of the Tier 2 Thermometer, and is even more accurate. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

The development preview also included a detailed sneak peek at upcoming changes to the Thermometer equipment and Freezing Temperatures. The updates to the Thermometer mimic those changes to the DOTS Projector last month, with the equipment now having different tiers.

As of the new update, the Thermometer will be a basic tool, meaning you won't need to pay to get it; you'll start every ghost-hunting trial with this tool in hand. Further, the Thermometer will have three different equipment tiers, with each tier becoming increasingly more efficient and easier to use.

Temperatures will now be synced across players, preventing any confusion about whether this evidence is actually present at any given time. Developers have also made some changes to the Cold Breath mechanic; now it will start to be visible between temps of 5-7 Celsius, and will show even in the van and outdoors.

With the release of Phasmophobia's roadmap for the next year onwards, Phasmophobia fans have a lot to be excited about in the near future. Stay tuned for more details when the next development preview is released.