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Pokémon GO Genesect - Best Moveset, Counters, And Weaknesses

Genesect is coming to Pokémon GO. Here's our guide that lists out Gensect's best movesets, counters, and weaknesses in the game.
Pokémon GO Genesect - Best Moveset, Counters, And Weaknesses

Genesect is a bug/steel type Pokémon, which is coming to Pokémon GO for a limited amount of time. It will be available only in five-star raids.

Gensect will be coming to Pokémon GO in The Bug Out! event that kicks off on 10th August 2022. The Bug Out! event will last until 16th August 2022, so you will have only a short amount of time to capture Gensect in the game.

Below you will find the Best Moveset, Counters, and Weaknesses for Genesect in Pokémon GO. 

Pokémon GO Genesect - Best Moveset

pokemon go genesect weakness
Genesect is incredibly weak to fire attacks in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Genesect is a Powerful Pokémon with some high DPS move sets. It has a maximum CP (Combat Power) of 3,353.


We recommend going with the Metal Claw and Magnet Bomb, which do 13.7 DPS and 30 DPS, respectively, when battling other Pokémon in the gym. Both these move sets make Genesect a fine choice for PvP encounters.

Pokémon GO Genesect - Best Counters

As mentioned above, Genesect is an incredibly powerful Pokémon with a multitude of resistances. However, it's also weak against Fire moves.

Below you will find a list of Pokémon that can do massive fire damage to Genesect in Pokémon GO. 

  • Chandelure - Firespin, Overheat
  • Reshiram - Firefang, Overheat
  • Volcarona - Firespin, Overheat
  • Blaziken - Firespin, Blastburn
  • Darmanitan (standard) - Firefang, Overheat
  • Charizard - Firespin, Blastburn

Pokémon GO Genesect - Weaknesses

gensect pokemon go
Gensect is coming to Pokemon Go for a limited amount of time. (Picture: Niantic)

As mentioned above, Gensect is incredibly weak to fire moves, so be cautious if you see your opponent bring someone like Charizard or Reshiram on the battlefield. 

If they do end up bringing Fire Pokémon, make sure to use items that buff up Genesect's defenses to combat the worst of the worst or increase its attack power to quickly end the game. 

That concludes our guide on Gensect's moveset, counters, and weaknesses in Pokémon GO. 

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.