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Pokémon GO Obstagoon - Best Moveset, Counters, And Weaknesses

Pokémon GO August 2022 Community Day featured Galarian Obstagoon. Find out its best movesets, counters, and weaknesses.
Pokémon GO Obstagoon - Best Moveset, Counters, And Weaknesses

Every so often, Pokémon GO players can catch new pocket monsters, cycle through the latest Raids, events, and more. Following the Pokémon GO August 2022 Community Day, players got the chance to catch Galarian Zigzagoon, which is evolvable to Obstagoon.

But is Obstagoon any good? This guide discusses its movesets and the best choice of counters and weaknesses. We also provide some handy information about whether Obstagoon is optimal for use in Great Leagues and Ultra Leagues. Find out more about Obstagoon below.

Pokémon GO Obstagoon - Best Moveset

obstagoon normal dark type pokemon
Obstagoon is a Normal and Dark-type Pokémon. (Picture: Niantic / Pokémon Company)

For those who don’t know already, Obstagoon is the third evolution of Galarian Zigzagoon, with the second evolution being Linoone. The Pokémon is a Dark and Normal-type Pokémon with an added Shiny variation for Pokémon GO collectors.

Obstagoon has a base attack stat of 180 with a defense of 194. It also has a stamina stat of 212 and can reach a Weather Boosted Combat Power of 2463 at level 35 in Pokémon GO, making it one of the best Galarian Pokémon in the game.

The Pokémon has two quick moves: Lick and Counter. Obstagoon’s main moves are Hyper Beam, Obstruct, Cross Chop, Night Slash, and Gunk Shot. But its best moveset as an all-rounder across PVP and PVE is Lick and Hyper Beam. 

For those using Obstagoon in Great Leagues or Ultra Leagues, Night Slash is one of the best moves, while Counter is an optimal choice for its speed. This moveset allows players’ Obstagoon’s to dish out piercing damage much quicker than most Pokémon. Of course, players can always switch to Obstruct instead of Night Slash to change the rhythm.

Pokémon GO Obstagoon - Counters and Weaknesses

obstagoon good pokemon great league ultra league
Obstagoon is a pretty decent Pokémon to use in Great League and Ultra League battles. (Picture: Niantic / Pokémon Company)

Because Obstagoon is a Dark and Normal-type Pokémon, it's naturally weak to Fighting-types and somewhat weaker against Fairy and Bug types. However, it's also resistant and strong against Psychic and Ghost types while slightly good against Dark-typed Pokémon.

The worst Pokémon to face in Pokémon GO would have to be anything that’s a Fighter-type. Some mentionable Obstagoon counters are Pheromosa, Lucario, Urshifu, Conkeldurr, and Breloom. Switching Pokémon whenever facing a Fighting-type is suggested, as they’ll obliterate Obstagoon.

And that’s all there is to it. Obstagoon is downright a great Dark and Normal-type Pokémon to have in Pokémon GO, and its Obstruct/Night Slash movesets make it a force that’ll maybe not dominate PVP but indeed stand well against most current meta choices.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.