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How To Beat Rush In Doors Roblox

Tired of dying to the most formidable entity in Roblox? Learn how to beat Rush in Doors using our expert tips and tricks to help you!
How To Beat Rush In Doors Roblox

In the treacherous world of Doors Roblox, one entity strikes fear into the hearts of players like none other: Rush. Its relentless charge and deadly attacks make it a formidable foe, leaving many players desperate to learn how to beat Rush in Roblox Doors. But fear not! This guide will unlock the secrets to overcoming this entity's reign of terror.

Continue reading to learn the best way to survive Rush in Doors Roblox. Using our expert advice and strategies, you'll be equipped to emerge victorious and carve your path to triumph as you navigate the halls of the Hotel. Otherwise, read our related guides on how to beat: A-60 | A-90 | A-120 | Jeff The Killer | Figure | Subspace Tripmine | Dupe.

What Is Rush In Roblox Doors?

Before we explain how to overcome this relentless entity, knowing who you're going up against is important. Rush is perhaps the most hostile entity in Roblox Doors, appearing as a dark gray face surrounded by smoke. In addition, this entity dons a horrifying smile, which adds to the trauma that makes it such a formidable adversary, appearing more frequently as the game progresses. This adds to Rush's overall threat in the game.

Rush's attacking behavior in Roblox Doors is also seemingly unpredictable. In addition, the entity is known for shattering lights, creating Dark Rooms for other entities like Screech to spawn in. And, to put the cherry on top, its hits are fatal, meaning you'll need to exercise quick thinking and evade Rush if you want to survive it. You'll know Rush is nearby if lights begin to flicker; you'll also hear static noises in your ears, which grow louder the closer it gets.


How To Beat Rush In Roblox Doors - Best Strategy

The best way to beat Rush in Roblox Doors requires strategic planning, quick reflexes, and effective teamwork. Follow these essential steps to increase your chances of overcoming this formidable entity.

Know when Rush is nearby

Pay close attention to the flickering lights and Seek's eyes on the wall as they indicate Rush's imminent arrival. As soon as the lights flicker, quickly move towards the nearest closet. Listen for Rush's growing audio cues, which signify its proximity. Only hide in the closet when you are certain Rush is approaching, ensuring a successful evasion.

Coordinate with your team members

If you're playing in multiplayer mode, communicate with your teammates to coordinate hiding spots and share information about Rush's whereabouts. This will prevent conflicts over limited hiding spots and allow for a synchronized approach to survival. However, be warned: Hide will spawn more frequently after Door 50, so be careful not to hide in the closet too early, or you'll be booted out when Rush comes into the room.

Study Rush's behavioral patterns

It's important to learn Rush's attack patterns and adapt your gameplay accordingly. Watch for changes in Rush's behavior, such as delayed spawns or prolonged flickering lights, as they may indicate unique challenges or opportunities to exploit. It's worth noting that Rush appears more frequently in certain rooms, like the Greenhouse area, and moves more slowly the more players are around.


Exploit raycasting and use the Crucifix

It's worth mentioning that Rush relies on raycasting. In short, if there are no obstructions between Rush and a player, it will use raycasting to "see" the player and execute an instant-kill attack. That being said, you can exploit this mechanic by staying out of Rush's line of sight, using objects or narrow hallways to block Rush's vision. Otherwise, you can now use the Crucifix against Rush in Doors. Then, when the opportunity arises, use it to banish the entity temporarily, granting you a crucial respite while earning the "Evil Be Gone" and "Stay Out Of My Way" achievements.


At the end of the day, the best way to beat Rush in Roblox Doors requires practice. Familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics, study Rush's movements, and refine your evasion strategies through repeated play. Over time, you'll develop the skills and instincts necessary to outsmart and conquer this formidable adversary. And that concludes our guide on how to survive Rush in Roblox Doors.

We want to extend a special thank you to the contributors on the Doors Fandom Wiki page, who greatly helped to inform the contents of this guide. Also, thanks to YouTube / Themighty for the images featured in this guide.