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How To Beat Super Hard Mode In Doors [Best Guide]

Do you want to know how to beat the new Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors? You've come to the right place.
How To Beat Super Hard Mode In Doors [Best Guide]

Roblox Doors is easily one of the most-loved horror games, which has been keeping players on the edge of their seats since its release. That said, following the April Fools Day update, you're probably wondering: How to beat Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors? As you might have discovered, this new mode added is not for the faint of heart. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

You'll face even greater challenges in Super Hard Mode in Doors than in the standard game mode. Think you've mastered the art of evading Entities like A-120 or A-60 and avoiding jump scares? Think again. This mode takes things to a whole new level of terror and difficulty. This guide will explain how to beat Super Hard Mode in Doors and emerge victorious.

Updated on 22 April 2023: Roblox Doors Super Hard Mode ended on 9 April but is currently still available only on private servers for an extended period of time. However, the achievement will not remain obtainable.

Roblox Doors: What Is Super Hard Mode? - Explained

First things first: What is this new mode? According to a Twitter post by the developers on 1 April, Super Hard Mode can be found at the end of the lobby, and it's essentially a regular game of Roblox Doors. The only difference is that this is much more challenging, with several new changes and features to make things more terrifying. In simple terms, you'll die... a lot!

That being said, plenty of surprises await you in the Doors Super Hard Mode. In the next section, you can learn about many exciting new features that will make your heart race faster than ever before. The section below details everything you can find between Rooms 1 and 100. We will continue to monitor for any new additions to the Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors.

Roblox Doors Super Hard Mode: New Items

We know of three new items in Doors' Super Hard Mode. Click on the accordions below to expand their details and learn more about them.

NVCS-3000 X-ray

One of the most striking new additions is the NVCS-3000 X-ray in the Pre-Run Shop, which can reveal hidden objects and provide night vision. However, don't get too excited yet because you won't be able to use it. That's right; it's just an April Fool joke.

Update on 3 April: Spamming the purchase button for the NVCS-3000 eventually just kicked us out of the Pre-Run Shop and launched us straight into the Hotel. So basically, no matter how hard you try, you can't get it lol.


Holy Hand Grenade

The Holy Hand Grenade in Roblox Doors functions similarly to the Crucifix but is exclusive to Super Hard Mode. Once thrown, it deals substantial damage to Entities and players, at which point a "Hallelujah" sound effect will play. You can find them at various points in the game, such as in drawers.


Shield Potions

Two types of Shield Potions exist in Doors Super Hard Mode: Mini Shield Potions and Regular Shield Potions. As the name suggests, consuming these items will give you extra HP and a slight speed boost.

  • Mini Shield Potion: <50 HP + 0.5s Speed
  • Regular Shield Potion: <100 HP + 0.5s Speed.


Roblox Doors Super Hard Mode: How To Beat All New Entities

There are several new Entities in the Super Hard Mode of Roblox Doors, including Jeff the Killer, who chases the nearest player to stab them, Subspace Tripmine, which insta-kills anyone in its radius, Greed, Evil Key, and Banana Peel. In addition, some Entities have different appearances and mechanics than their counterparts in the normal game.

In the section below, you'll learn how to beat all the new Entities in the Super Hard Mode of Roblox Doors. For more detailed guides, please follow the internal links for the respective Entities.

Evil Key

Beware of the "Evil Key" in Roblox Doors: Super Hard Mode! You will find the key to Room 0002 on the shelf in the Reception Area but don't touch it, or you will die instantly. The real key to leaving the room is hidden next to the fireplace.


Banana Peels

Yes, these pesky new additions to the Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors are one of the new Entities in the game. While these Banana Peels won't chase you down like Seek or Jeff The Killer, slipping on them will deal 10 damage. They're particularly dangerous when it's dark and spawn in any room (except Room 1). Watch your feet!


Jeff The Killer

Jeff the Killer is an Entity that resembles a creepypasta. You can only find this creature iN Doors' Super Hard Mode. In the game, Jeff the Killer will chase and attempt to stab you, dealing 70 damage. More concerning is that it can spawn in any room the player enters in the "Super Hard Mode" game mode. Fortunately, you can use the new Holy Hand Grenade item to kill it.

jeff the killer doors super hard mode

Subspace Tripmine (Dupe)

Subspace Tripmine is an Entity exclusive to the Super Hard Mode of Roblox Doors. It insta-kills anyone in its radius and emits pink stars from the door that contains it. It has replaced Dupe in the Super Hard Mode. This Entity will spawn after Room 8, so be careful.


Greed is another dangerous Entity you'll want to avoid in Roblox Doors: Super Hard Mode because it deals 190 damage. It looks like a gnarly set of gnashing teeth and appears randomly on your screen if you're looting too quickly. To make things more frightening, Greed will grow bigger the more greedy you are!


Seek Cut-Scene

You'll be familiar with the last Entity on our list: Seek! If you're unlucky enough, you can trigger a special new cut-scene chase with Seek around Room 30. In particular, Seek resembles a humanoid figure with one large eye dressed entirely in black. It spawns a vehicle and drives directly at you, instantly killing you.

This latest Super Hard Mode update in Doors adds an extra level of excitement and danger to the game that will keep you on your toes. And the best part is that these surprises await you before you even reach Room 50. So who knows what else lies ahead after that? That said, you want to prepare yourself as you journey through the new Super Hard Mode in Doors. While you're here, why not learn how to reach A-1000 in The Rooms?