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How To Farm Money Fast In Roblox Kaizen

Here's how to make money fast in Roblox Kaizen so you can buy powerful Cursed skills, weapons, and other items in the game.
How To Farm Money Fast In Roblox Kaizen

Money is the lifeblood of most Roblox games, and Kaizen is no different. Finding the best way to farm Yen, the in-game currency, will help you purchase various weapons or Cursed skills, increasing your character's strength and allowing you to take on stronger enemies. But how can you accomplish this without the lowest amount of effort? This guide will cover how you can quickly gain money by defeating Saku, the Broom User, in Roblox Kaizen. 

How To Farm Money Fast in Roblox Kaizen

roblox kaizen farm money fast saku boss
Saku is a high-level Boss you can easily defeat using the terrain to your advantage in Roblox Kaizen. (Picture: YouTube / Bluue)

In Roblox Kaizen, you can purchase various items using the in-game currency Yen, through which you can buy items like Curses, Swords and even reset your Stat Points. One of the best ways to earn money early in Roblox Kaizen is by completing the Story Mode and Side Quests.

However, defeating high-level Bosses is another great way to farm money fast in Roblox Kaizen. We recommend that players who are Level 20 and above defeat the Level 85 Boss Saku, The Broom User. You should ensure that you have a strong weapon and Cursed skill before you attempt to defeat him, though.

Saku is located north of the map and will not attack you unless provoked; when you find Saku, attack him to make him follow you. Then, lure him into an area with an uneven landscape to trap him so that you can land cheap hits on him. For example, you can lure him to the bottom of the hill, so you can attack him from above without taking any damage (see the image below).

roblox kaizen farm money fast defeat saku each time he respawns yen
You can easily lure Saku into a spot for a quick defeat in Roblox Kaizen. (Picture: YouTube / Bluue)

After successfully luring Saku into one of these regions, you can repeatedly attack him until he perishes. Once he is defeated, you'll get more than 3,000 Yen. The best part is that Saku respawns quickly, allowing you to farm money from him repeatedly and making it far more effective than defeating Bandits, which only gives you 68 Yen.

And that's all. We want to thank and credit YouTuber Bluue for sharing all the details on how to farm money fast in Roblox Kaizen. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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