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Top 5 MrBeast Roblox Games To Play In 2023

Looking for the best MrBeast Roblox games? Well, we have just what you need!
Top 5 MrBeast Roblox Games To Play In 2023
YouTube / MrBeast

It's no secret that MrBeast is a big fan of gaming! So, it is no surprise that he has been included in so many Roblox games! That said, if you are a fan of YouTube's most popular creator, then you're in luck—because this guide has been hand-made just for you!

So you might be thinking: What are the best MrBeast Roblox games to play in 2023? That is an excellent question! To help you find the best possible game, we have put together a list of the Top 5 MrBeast Roblox games to play in 2023.

Best MrBeast Roblox Games To Play Right Now

Please note that these Top 5 MrBeast Roblox games are solely based on the author's personal preferences and experiences. Have you got better suggestions? Let us know!

1. Brookhaven

Brookhaven 2

Brookhaven RP takes the first spot! This experience is filled with expensive houses and cars and, of course, people who want to role-play. That said, you can become whoever you want, even MrBeast himself!

You can meet MrBeast in Brookhaven RP if you are lucky enough. He can give you challenges in the game, just like the YouTuber! Brookhaven is the best MrBeast Roblox game to play in 2023! You should definitely try it out.

2. MrBeast Tycoon 

Mr Beast tycoon

MrBeast Tycoon lets you live out your fantasy of being MrBeast! As the world's most popular YouTuber, you can own restaurants and manage a Merch factory, too! Tycoon deserves its No. 2 spot on our list of the best MrBeast Roblox games to play in 2023.

In this game, you will make millions of dollars just like the real MrBeast. You can even have your very own Chocolate Factory and even build a Money Tree! The possibilities are seemingly endless!

3. Escape MrBeast Chocolate Factory

Escape MrBeast Chocolate Factory

This MrBeast Roblox game is one of the most fun MrBeast games to play! After all, Escape MrBeast Chocolate Factory was inspired by the very same MrBeast viral video! In this game, you enter the MrBeast Chocolate Factory and complete multiple challenges to find your way out!

4. MrBeast Escape Room

MrBeast Escape room 2

MrBeast Escape Room has the player running around trying to escape various rooms and doing multiple challenges, almost like Squid Games! This game is so much fun! If you liked the original YouTube video from MrBeast that this is based on, then you will love this game!

5. Stepping Glass Minigame

Stepping Glass Minigame

Stepping Glass Minigame is the final MrBeast Roblox game to try in 2023! This game will have you on the edge of your set as you try to survive the long trip to safety over multiple glass bridges! Be careful, though, as one missed step will have you falling! If you play your cards right, you may just win!

That concludes our guide on the top 5 MrBeast games to play in 2023! We hope you enjoyed our list! For even more awesome Roblox content, please stick with us.