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MrBeast Gives Away $500,000 In Crazy Last To Leave Circle Challenge

MrBeast's latest YouTube challenge saw Shawn Hendrix win $500,000 after surviving in a circle for 100 days.
MrBeast Gives Away $500,000 In Crazy Last To Leave Circle Challenge

YouTube superstar Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is known to host elaborate (and expensive) challenges. In the past, the philanthropic YouTuber has recreated Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, hosted a real-life version of Squid Games, and even given away a $100 million private island.

More recently, MrBeast pushed the boundaries of a Last To Leave challenge, offering a subscriber the chance to win $500,000 to survive in a circle for 100 days. The contestant, Shawn Hendrix, endured an emotional 3.5 months away from his beloved family but walked out half a million dollars richer.

MrBeast Subscriber Wins $500K After Surviving 100 Days In Circle

mrbeast stay in circle 100 days
MrBeast's latest YouTube challenge video saw Shawn stay in a circle for 100 days.

The video, which premiered on 24th September 2022, started with MrBeast explaining the challenge. "I laid a giant circle in the middle of nowhere [...], and if [Shawn] stays in the circle for 100 days, I'll give him $500,000."

Initially, Shawn was puzzled about how he would survive because the circle was completely empty; however, MrBeast (graciously) propped down a house for him to live in during the challenge.

With the home fully stocked with food equalling 300,000 calories, it was up to Shawn to ration his meals over the period. "This is all the food you're getting for the next 100 days, so if you eat all this in the first 50 days, you're done," MrBeast said.

Shawn was monitored over the 100 days, with several cameras planted both inside and outside the house. Over the 3.5 months, Shawn built a garden and exercised to keep his mind occupied; he endured severe weather, including a storm and a tornado warning.

mrbeast youtube survive 100 days in circle challenge
Shawn had to stay inside the circle for 100 days to win $500,000 in cash.

Throughout the challenge, it was clear that Shawn missed his wife and kids, but he spent at least a day with them on Father's Day. On Day 49, Shawn was also visited by Ryan Trahan, a YouTuber who traversed across America to deliver a penny to MrBeast.

The next day, on Day 50, Shawn was offered $100,000 to end the challenge early, which he swiftly dismissed. "One hundred grand? I can chill here and get another four hundred [thousand]," Shawn said.

mrbeast survive circle 100 days youtube challenge
MrBeast cut Shawn's house in half.

As the challenge drew to a close, MrBeast attempted to make Shawn's stay increasingly challenging. He was annoyed by visits from a marching band and scary clowns; he was even tormented by the MrBeast crew's constant fireworks and the incessant ringing of an alarm through loudspeakers.

On Day 90, MrBeast decided it was fitting to (literally) cut Shawn's house in half before tempting him with $250,000 to exit the circle early. But again, Shawn rejected the offer. Before MrBeast destroyed the home with a wrecking ball, practically tearing it down to the ground.

mrbeast survive 100 days in a circle win $500,000
Shawn won $500,000 after surviving a circle for 100 days in MrBeast's YouTube challenge.

On the final day of the challenge, Shawn expressed how happy he was that it was almost over, with his biggest motivation being to see his family again. Then, when the countdown reached zero, Shawn was greeted with massive celebration, being reunited with his beloved family and handed a $500,000 check as his reward.

The entire video is only 18 minutes in duration but was clearly a massive feat to undertake by MrBeast's crew. You can watch the full video on MrBeast's YouTube channel or in the embedded player below.

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All featured images are courtesy of YouTube / MrBeast.