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Galaxy Racer depart Rocket League scene, release roster ahead of RLCS 11

The Emirati esports organisation promises they “will be back” and call the move a “temporary departure.”
Galaxy Racer depart Rocket League scene, release roster ahead of RLCS 11

RosterMania is on its way in the old continent as rosters are shifted, signed or flat-out cut all across Europe.

On 25th May, Galaxy Racer announced their departure from the Rocket League competitive scene by releasing their full professional roster.


The squad of Mitchell “Mittaen” Driessen , Ario “arju” Berdin, Dan “Bluey” Bluett and coach  Ryan “ANDYTHEMANDY” Gardner are free agents effective immediately.

The RLCS Season X regular season ended for Galaxy Racer back in the third Spring regional event where they placed top eight yet fell short of qualifying for the Spring Major or European Championship, finishing 9th in the overall leaderboards.

galaxy racer roster cut departed parts ways rlcs x rocket league(Picture: @GalaxyRacerDxb/Twitter)

“We will be back”, Galaxy Racer promises to the Rocket League Esports account and community as they wish their former roster nothing but the best in their future endeavours.

Bluey had just signed with the org back in March 2021 after departing Triple Trouble, disbanding the roster and forfeiting their RLCS circuit points.

The English pro took to both Twitter and TwitLonger to share his mindset regarding the last couple of months. “Regarding my future, I will be LFT for all future events, with my primary focus as of right now being on the Intel World Cup”, he concluded.

All four professional rocketeers assured there is no bad blood between them and the decision to part ways after leaving Galaxy Racer was mutual and solely based on playstyles.

We'll keep you updated as the Emirati organisation regroups during the offseason probably signing an independent team on the up and up.


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