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Rocket League
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German Amigos adds Pulse Clan’s own MK as their Rocket League ‘SuperSub’

MK is coming back to the professional Rocket League scene as the newest German Amigo in the SuperSubstitute spot.

Maximilian "MK" Krüger, founder and member of the Pulse Clan, is joining the German Amigos as their “SuperSub”, the independent team announced on 23rd April.

The 24-year-old has been a staple in the Rocket League community and has engraved his name in the car/racing hybrid's history by forming the most prominent freestyling group in the game, Pulse Clan.

MK is joining the squad of Leonardo Christ “Catalysm” Ramos, Ivan “ivn” Mohammad, Riccardo “Rizex45” Mazzotta and coach Patrick “MaGiCzZz” Schüßler, reuniting with the last two as they also were a substitute/starter/coach trio in Totalschaden-turned-Team Vortex.

rocket league pulse clan mk german amigos(Picture: Lx.)

German Amigos formed back in March of 2021 with the same roster it has to date except for Özay Alp “Kryptos” Köseoglu who parted ways with the team only a week after its inception.

The team’s most notable results are their participation in the second EU Spring regional and, more importantly, their second placement showing in the Spring The Grid where they finished as runner-ups only behind the Swiss behemoth, Team BDS.

German Amigos has amassed ,500 in earnings in their month-and-a-half run and recently teased Barça Esports to sign them after Barcelona released their Rocket League roster.

The independent team is out of the RLCS X Championships being quite far from the top six leaderboard teams in Europe but will be playing one last tournament in the Spring Major thanks to their Grid performance.


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