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German Amigos create alt Twitter account amidst RLCS drama

The Rocket League fan base has come after the former coach for his “childish” and “immature” stance.
German Amigos create alt Twitter account amidst RLCS drama

What was initially reported as a temporary break from professional Rocket League from former German Amigos coach and manager Patrick "MaGiCzZz" Schüßler quickly turned into a digital hostage situation for their verified Twitter account.

Now, the remaining roster of Leonardo "Catalysm" Christ Ramos, Ivan "ivn" Mohammad, Riccardo "Rizex45" Mazzotta and Maximilian "MK." Krüger have decided to create a new Twitter “because [they] don't know if we'll get our original account back anytime soon.”

The new account, @GermanAmigosRL, not to be confused with the verified account held hostage @GermanAmigos, posted a tweet and TwitLonger vaguely updating their fan base.

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“After we parted ways with MaGiCzZz, he changed the Twitter logins of our team account, deleted all tweets, blocked everyone and changed the name to "Statement coming soon". We don't know if there will ever be a statement, but if so, we will publish ours too, where we will go into detail.” 

The Amigos threatened with their own version of the story, explaining that the account was held hostage because MaGiCzZz was the creator even though “he didn't do anything on it, he was just the creator.”

MaGiCzZz is yet to come forward since taking over the original account and changing profile pic, name and bio on 8th June.

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