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GUILD moves ThO to inactive roster after RLCS X Championships performance

Word on the web is the European organisation is moving forward with an all-English roster for RLCS 11.
Professional Rocket League player for GUILD Thomas "ThO" Binkhorst has been benched and moved to the inactive roster on 9th July 2021.

The news comes after their RLCS X Championships showing which ended abruptly with back-to-back best-of set losses and almost to the year of his transfer to the team from the Singularity squad.

“I will be searching for new opportunities heading into the next season of RLCS”, the 19-year-old announced. “I am still under Guild but have been placed inactive.”

The David Beckham esports org is yet to provide the fans with an official announcement, most likely waiting until the contract expires later this month.

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ThO (left) and Noly (right) were transferred to the GUILD from Singularity back in July 2020. (Picture: Singularity)

ThO was transferred to GUILD on 22nd July 2020 alongside controversial figure Joseph "noly" Kidd who will most likely remain on the roster.

Their highlight performances include winning the third Spring Regional Event, a Top 4 placement in the Spring Major and finishing fifth during the European Championship, all during the RLCS Season X.

The benching could potentially signify that GUILD is looking to proceed with an all-English roster as ThO was the odd one out being from the Netherlands.

As Rostermania continues, the organisation could potentially look into acquiring an English third ahead of the start of RLCS Season 11.

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