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Rocket League
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Karmine Corp announce RLCS debut with flashy roster

The French organisation has entered the car soccer extravaganza and will be doing so with a bang!
Karmine Corp has officially entered the Rocket League professional scene by announcing its debut roster ahead of Season 11.

Maëllo "AztraL" Ernst, Amine "itachi" Benayachi, Marc "Stake" Bosch Plujà and coach Francisco "Arleyobi" González will be joining forces for the Rocket League Championship Series 1 and all car football competitions representing the Karmine Corp banner effective immediately.

“The Karmine Corp is coming to Rocket League and will play in RLCS from next season!”, the org stated during the announcement.

The announcement comes on 26th July and is long due after much speculation and teasing from the org, pros and fans alike.

aztral, itachi, stake, rocket league, rlcs, karmine corp, europe, vodafone giants, solary
(Picture: Karmine Corp)

Despite its short tenure, KCorp has amassed over 200,000 followers across its social media handles. The announcement quickly surpassed 3,000 reactions, a record in Rocket League-related content.

The new trio will be comprised of three former Vodafone Giants in Stake, Itachi and Arleyobi and the phenomenal Aztral who was let go a month ago from the also French Solary org.

All players dominated at some point or another during the RLCS Season X with multiple top finishes and runner-up performances. 

All current Karmine Corp Rocket League players qualified for the RLCS X Championships and now will be officially back with a vengeance come RLCS 11 time.

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