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Rocket League
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Solary releases RLCS roster despite record-breaking season

The trio and coach will be hitting the free agency ahead of RLCS 11.
French organisation, Solary, has released their Rocket League roster on 26th June. The news comes after a week and a half after finishing sixth during the RLCS X European Championship.

This inherently means that captain Victor “Ferra” Francal, Thibault "Chausette45" Grzesiak, Maello "AztraL" Ernst and coach Julie "Moon Phases" Combes are free agents effective immediately.

Solary announced they let their players “explore new horizons” hinting that a renewal was not reached with the professional rocketeers. “We will be back soon with the announcement of our new lineup for the 2021-2022 season”, the org concluded.

Chausette also took to Twitter to confirm he is parting ways with the roster, ultimately breaking up the 1422-day Chausette-Ferra connection we’ve come to know and love.

rlcs x, rocket league, chaussette, aztral, ferra, solary, oxygen, europe, lft, roster, release, sign, rostermania, rlcs x, rlcs 11(Picture: Psyonix)

This trio + coach joined Solary back in March 2021 after allegedly being poached off Oxygen Esports. Acquiring their RLCS circuit points and moving up a spot in the leaderboards, Solary was now in contention for a Top 6 finish in Europe.

Proving themselves worthy of their contracts, the new Solary had six out of seven performances in the Top 8 with two runner-up finishes in the second regional event and Spring Major.

Out of the org’s $110,502 total earnings in Rocket League Esports, $72,500 of it came from the Ferra, Chaussette, AztraL and Moon Phases-roster. That is over 65% of all earnings and the org just let them walk off.

This release and Chaussette’s departure opens up the playing field in the old continent as Rostermania continues ahead of RLCS Season 11.

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