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Rocket League
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Vodafone Giants part ways with high-flying RLCS roster

The European organisation drops their original rocketeers one year and one month after debuting in the scene.
The European Rocket League scene has been shaken to its core time and time again during this offseason as this business move is a prime example of the Rostermania name.

Spanish esports organisation Vodafone Giants have parted ways with their RLCS roster on 2nd July 2021.

Hence, Marc "Stake" Bosch, Samuel "Zamué" Cortés, Amine "itachi" Benayachi, sub Ibrahim "Wolf." Ben and coach Francisco "Arleyobi" González are all free agents effective immediately.

“We want the community to rest assured as our commitment to Rocket League is as strong as ever and our intention is to reach these milestones we are proud of again in the upcoming season of RLCS”, Giants stated in the press release.

vodafone giants, giants gaming, rocket league, rlcs x, rlcs 11, itachi, stake, zamue, esports, europe, european, spain, spanish, roster, cut, rostermania, release, part ways(Picture: GiantsGamingENG/Twitter)

By the looks of it, Itachi and Stake are sticking together and Zamué, who was moved to the inactive roster not too long ago, will go his own way.

“Thank you Giants Gaming for everything, a lot of ups and downs but overall a great year with you guys, see you on the field. I guess Stake and I are looking for an org now”, 17-year-old Itachi said.

Whilst the Spanish org failed to qualify for the RLCS X Championships, Vodafone Giants took the European region by storm and pulled over $100,000 in earnings in their first year.

For now, we will have to wait and see when the Giants announce their next roster, who picks up the Itachi-Stake duo and where Zamué ventures next.

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