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Rocket League
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RLCS NA Regional 3: how to watch, schedule, format and more

Everything you need to know about RLCS X Games third North American Regional, RLCS X Games.

The revamped RLCS X has had hot finishes, crazy upsets and surprising newcomers rising to the occasion. It’s in the nature of one of the most unique esports in the world, Rocket League.

For its third and final Winter Split event, North America will hold the first-ever RLCS X Games tournament. 

RLCS X Games North American Regional champions will not only win a tonne of points for their org and pocket $30,000 but will also be rewarded authentic X Games medals thanks to the collaboration.

With all that in mind, here is everything you need to know about RLCS X Games’ format, schedule and predictions for a knowledgable, strong finish in the northern continent. 

rlcs x games north america american regional tournament number 3 three items item shop(Image: Psyonix/X Games)

RLCS X Games Schedule

The tournament will be held across two weekends kicking off 21st-24th and crowning a champion on 28th-31st January.

RLCS X Games: how to watch

RLCS X Games will be streamed per-usual on Rocket League’s YouTube and Twitch channels. Plus, thanks to the X Games collaboration, the tournament will also be available on the ESPN app for the first time ever since the start of RLCS X.

Each day the stream will start at 10 a.m. PT (6 p.m. UTC) presenting RLCS X Games’ pre-show followed by the matches of the day on A-stream and B-stream.

RLCS X Games teams

RLCS X Games will be played between 24 teams. 12 of the teams were auto-qualified by their placement on the leaderboards and the remaining 12 had to earn their spot through Battlefy’s Closed Qualifier.

The complete list of teams is available below with auto-qualified marked with a (Y) and closed qualifiers marked with an (X).

  • Version1 (Y)

  • G2 Esports (Y)

  • NRG (Y)

  • The Peeps (Y)

  • Spacestation Gaming (Y)

  • Susquehanna Soniqs (Y)

  • Team Envy (Y)

  • Alpine Esports (Y)

  • Rogue (Y)

  • eUnited (Y)

  • Pittsburgh Knights (Y)

  • Ghost Gaming (Y)

  • Jamal Jabary (X)

  • Nefarious (X)

  • sup (X)

  • Volt Esports (X)

  • Loco (X)

  • Down 2 Earth (X)

  • XSET (X)

  • Kansas City Pioneers (X)

  • Empty Space (X)

  • Radiant (X)

  • Sol (X)

  • 72PC (X)

RLCS X Games Format

RLCS X Games will have a double-elimination format, keeping up with the Winter Split theme as all North American Regionals (and soon all Majors) are set under these rules.

All matches up to and including Winners' Quarterfinals and Losers' Round 4 are best-of-five series, all rounds beyond are best-of-seven.

Double-elimination is pretty self-explanatory. There are two brackets: an Upper Bracket (or Winners’ Bracket) and a Lower Bracket (or Loser’s Bracket). All 24 teams will start in the Upper Bracket. Lose once and you will drop to the Lower Bracket. Lose again and you are out of the tournament -- hence double-elimination.

rlcs x games upper winners bracket(Image: Liquipedia RL)

Throughout the four days RLCS X Games will be played on, winners will play against other winners and the Losers’ Bracket will eventually be filled up with losers from previous series.

The Grand Finals scheduled for 31st January will be played by the Winners’ Bracket finalist and the Losers’ Bracket finalist. Because the Winners’ Bracket finalist has not yet lost throughout the tournament, the Losers’ Bracket finalist will need to win two series against their opponent, forcing a bracket reset because both teams have finally lost and the next series’ winner takes the championship.

RLCS X Games prize pool

RLCS X Games has a total prize pool of $100,000. There are no tie-breakers and the only criteria that separate each tournament placement from each other the bracket and round the team got furthest.

The prize pool plus RLCS Circuit Ranking points needed to qualify for Rocket League’s World Championship is distributed as such:

  • 1st: $30,000 and 401 points

  • 2nd: $15,000 and 300 points

  • 3rd: $10,000 and 250 points

  • 4th: $7,000 and 200 points

  • 5th and 6th: $5,000 and 160 points

  • 7th and 8th: $3,000 and 130 points

  • 9th and 12th: $2,000 and 100 points

  • 13th and 16th: $1,500 and 70 points

  • 17th and 24th: $1,000 and 40 points