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Rocket League
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Rocket League Summer Roadtrip: Sixth anniversary, schedule, LTMs, and more

Our favourite car-soccer title is commemorating the season in style along with their six-year celebration!
Rocket League is turning six in the month of July and what better way to celebrate than underneath the hot sun and with some 4th July pride for all you American rocketeers.

With that said, it really is a great time to be part of the car-soccer community as the lines between OGs and free-to-play players get blurred by the day.

From exclusive DLCs to what game modes we’ll get to test along the way, here’s everything you need to know about the Rocket League Summer Roadtrip event.

Rocket League 6th anniversary event

The Rocket League 6th anniversary will be paired up with the Summer event bringing Limited Time Modes, long-awaited returning DLCs and so much more.

In order to look presentable for the event, Psyonix will be offering the following bundle on 7th July only so cop it while you can!

Summer Formal Bundle in the Item Shop

  • Octane Fancy Formal Decal
  • Formal Fitter Topper
  • Formal Four-Fours Wheels
  • Fancy Ferrule Antenna (Free Item)

Rocket League Summer Roadtrip Limited Time Modes

The Rocket League Summer Roadtrip event will bring four Limited Time Modes to the table in the shape of Heatseeker, Beach Ball, Dropshot Rumble and Rocket Labs Loophole.

All LTMs will be available for one week only and will let you queue online casual matches to test out the fun and extravagant modifiers!

rocket league, summer fest, summer roadtrip, limited time modes, ltm, rocket labs, dates, schedule, dlcs, bundles, item shop, free, cost, og, anniversary(Picture: Psyonix)

Rocket League Summer Roadtrip schedule

The Rocket League Summer Roadtrip, which includes the title’s anniversary, unfold all throughout July 2021. Here’s the full breakdown of events and dates:

Make sure to cop any or all bundles available and use a creator code in the process to support the community while enjoying the month-long anniversary party!

For more Rocket League content, news and interviews follow us at @33Boost on Twitter. GGWP!