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Team Queso reportedly in disarray as AtomiK can't decide if he is staying or going

The European squad looks to be in shambles, leaks from the past couple of hours suggest.
Team Queso reportedly in disarray as AtomiK can't decide if he is staying or going

Car-soccer esports is difficult no matter the region but European Rocket League is a different beast. Home to the most World Champions in the sports-racing hybrid, the old continent holds the most names over at the Champions Field rafters.

Therefore, entering a competitive season with the right squad will always be a must if you’re trying to break into the scene à la BDS -- and that’s exactly what Team Queso is trying to figure out right now.

Shift, the most reliable intel source for all Rocket League Esports, has reported three times over the last few days regarding the status of the cheesy roster; first revealing Sergio "AtomiK" Pérez Cortés’ intentions of leaving, then acting as a platform for the boys to deny these claims only to announce their plans depart the org all in the span of three days.

The former Magnifico roster was signed to the Spanish organisation last October finishing 6th place in the region overall, Top 4 during the European Championship and winning the second Spring Regional event back in March.

Achilleas “Achilles” Fotiou, founder of insider Shift, is known to have a close relationship with the Rocket League Esports player base and replied to a Reddit comment regarding the back-and-forth leaks.

“I was talking with the players yesterday and even earlier today and they were pretty set on going their separate ways. No longer than an hour ago they all talked with each other and decided they would stick for now”, Achilles confirmed regarding the second report.

“I got this info messaged by 1 of the players 5 minutes before I put this [second report] out.”

Queso member Raúl "DmentZa" Palazuelos spoke on 25th June also on the mixed signals. “Literally Atomik’s the one ditching us”, the 19-year-old tweeted.

It seems like Rostermania is getting its worth in cheese and with everchanging rumours, make sure to follow us at 33 Boost on Twitter for more updates, changes and signings ahead of RLCS Season 11.