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SMITE New God: Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos

There's a new Guardian on his way to the battleground of the gods, and it's a long-awaited arrival. Hi-Rez fans here's everything you need to know about the new SMITE God, Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos.
SMITE New God: Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos
Confirmation is here and it's official, Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos, is coming to SMITE. Atlas is set to debut in an upcoming update, and he certainly looks set to shake things up.

Of course, the SMITE x Transformers battle pass is live now for a limited time, and players have been quick to clear levels to unlock the new skins. But for players who main with Guardians or just stick to the Greek gods in general, make sure to check out all the info on the info here.

Catch up on everything you need to know about the new SMITE God, Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos.

SMITE Atlas coming December
The new Guardian will arrive to the battleground of the gods soon! (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

When is Atlas coming to SMITE?

According to a recent post from Hi-Rez Studios, Atlas will be arriving to the battleground of the gods in December, towards the end of Season 8. His arrival will mark the Guardian for 2021, and SMITE players have certainly been awaiting a new Support to play with.

December is the time for gift-giving, and Hi-Rez are ready to provide another present for SMITE players in the form of this highly anticipated new God.

Atlas gameplay features - SMITE Season 8

The upcoming Guardian is a traditional tank, focusing on crowd control and supporting allies. As stated by Hi-Rez, Atlas is designed specifically to be a duo-lane Guardian, so he should certainly be a popular Conquest selection.

Unique Gameplay Features

  • The Astrolabe is Atlas’ primary unique gameplay feature and it heavily influences the rest of his kit.
  • The Astrolabe is the first SMITE weapon with true object permanence and transference. When most gods throw their weapons, it’s just an ethereal copy, but when Atlas does it the weapon actually leaves him, changing his animation set and his abilities
  • Atlas can throw his Astrolabe with his first ability to deploy it to a location. While deployed Atlas’ basic attacks and second ability will swap to types of attacks
  • Atlas’ Basic attacks are slower and heavier than average when holding his weapon, and become ranged AoE attacks around the deployed Astrolabe when he is not holding it.
  • Atlas’ Basic attacks can also become empowered into a heavy slam with soft CC through his passive ability
  • Atlas can pick up and throw enemy gods with a non-ultimate ability
  • Atlas has an ultimate that is both a large AoE damage and debuff area as well as a global ranged skill shot

It's an exciting time on the SMITE battlegrounds with the ongoing Transformers crossover as well as the upcoming release of Atlas to cap off an iconic Season 8.


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Featured image courtesy of Hi-Rez Studios.