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Where To Find All 3 Keycards In Sons Of The Forest

Here's where to find all three keycards in Sons of the Forest to access the locked bunker areas.
Where To Find All 3 Keycards In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest has many secrets hidden from prying eyes, which will require exploring. These include the underground bunkers you may stumble across. However, the catch is that these areas are locked, leaving many players to wonder where to find keycards in Sons of the Forest so they can access them.

It should come as no surprise that acquiring keycards takes time and effort, forcing you to explore the large island. In addition, you'll need specific tools to help you find these bunkers. So, to make your life easier, we've detailed all the locations to get keycards in Sons of the Forest to access locked areas of the bunkers.

Where To Get Keycards In Sons Of The Forest: All Locations

Some things can't be readily found throughout your explorations of the island, as the island also holds some secrets. One of these is the location of bunkers, which contains vital information and modern technology that can assist you in surviving harsh environments.

Maintenance Keycard Location

sons of the forest colectibles guide keycard locations maintenance keycard location bunker
The Maintenance keycard can be found inside a bunker located underground. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

The Maintenance keycard in Sons of the Forest can be found at the Maintenance A dig site on the northwestern part of the map. You can discover surveyor equipment spotted in shaded green areas on your GPS tracker, and using the shovel to dig, you could find the entrance to an underground bunker.

Opening the Maintenance A hatch will lead you to an underground bunker where going down the long corridor and making a right turn, you can find a room where you'll find the Maintenance keycard. In addition, you'll find a laptop and a 3D printer, which requires printer resin to produce various items; however, it doesn't specifically inform you what you can use the keycard for now.

VIP Keycard Location

sons of the forest collectibles guide keycard locations vip keycard underwater bunker
Ensure you have the Rebreather tool to locate an underwater bunker where you can find the VIP keycard. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

The VIP keycard in Sons of the Forest can be found inside a bunker at the cave entrance not far from the boat on the island's northwestern part. First, you'll need to find the entrance and, using your lighter, make your way down into the cave, passing by some bats until you've found an open hatch door.

Climb the ladder down into the bunker until you reach a kitchen space (tip: you can find some resources here). On the right side of this area is a keypad that requires a keycard, which you can use the Maintenance keycard to unlock. Enter this room by walking through a set of doors on the left side until after the third door, take a left turn, and continue down the corridor.

You'll enter a flooded area and rely on swimming to navigate this area as you go through the first door on your left and keep moving forward through the next set of doors. Swim through three sets of doors before heading right before entering the first room to the left and finding the exit on the left side of the room.

sons of the forest collectibles guide keycard locations vip security room
You'll find the VIP keycard in the Security room on the desk below the security monitors. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Continue to swim down this corridor until you reach a staircase. Then enter a security room, where you will find the VIP keycard on the desk. If you look at screens nearby, you can see mutants held up in a room, but where this may be is unknown.

Make your way back by exiting the security room down the stairs and escape the room before going left down the corridor, where you'll find a set of large white doors and a keycard panel. Use the VIP keycard to unlock the doors where you'll enter a cafeteria where you can find a barricaded door on the left and a destroyed glass area on the right.

If you went towards the destroyed glass area, you'd jump into the water below, and if you have a Rebreather, you can swim underwater and find a tunnel nearby. This will eventually bring you to a cave, and following the narrow path will lead you back to the surface and into a forest-like area.

Guest Keycard Location

sons of the forest collectibles guide keycard locations guest keycard night club hotel bunker
Find the group of dead partygoers to find the Guest keycard placed on the table. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

The Guest keycard in Sons of the Forest can be found at the Bunker Cave entrance south of the previous one. First, enter the cave and keep moving until you reach the corridor's end. Then, take a left turn and continue heading in this direction until you've reached the underground hotel bunker before heading right and approaching the white doors.

Next, use the VIP keycard at the keypad panel and walk through the gym area before leaving until you meet the glass doors in this area. Then, head up the stairs on the right side, going up and past the pool area before entering the Night Club area straight ahead. Go all the way to the back section, and right by the neon sign is a group of people sitting around a table, and the Guest keycard can be found on the table.

We want to thank the YouTube channel WoW Quests for the complete walkthrough of locating the keycards in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.