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What Are Purple Map Markers In Sons Of The Forest?

The purple map markers can be extremely useful, especially when traversing across the map. But what do they mean in Sons of the Forest?
What Are Purple Map Markers In Sons Of The Forest?

There are many things players can do during the opening moments of Sons of the Forest, from tending to Kelvin, investigating the crash site, and looking for vital resources like food and water. Once you’ve become acquainted with the inventory system, including accessing your backpack and opening the Emergency Pack, you’ll receive a handy device, the GPS tracker.

This immediately starts your next objective involving map markers. That said, many players wonder: What are the purple markers in Sons of the Forest? And perhaps more importantly, how do they work? As it turns out, these purple markers are extremely useful when navigating the island. So here's everything to know about them, including what they are and how you should use them in Sons of the Forest.

What Are Purple Markers In Sons Of The Forest?

The purple markers in Sons of the Forest are part of the game’s main questline for which you’ll receive the objective, “Find Team B.” This objective requires you to locate the three GPS coordinates using your GPS tracker, taking you to different locations on the island.

What you’ll find at these locations are GPS Locators, but you may find something even more valuable, including weapons, tools, and other important loot. After acquiring these GPS locators, you can use them to mark off points on the map, which can be tracked using your GPS tracker, which may help you navigate the island more accessible.

sons of the forest guide purple markers map gps locators gps tracker
Use your GPS tracker to lead you to three purple markers to be found on the island. (Picture: YouTube / Jade PG)

As you’ll only get three locators, we advise using them wisely to mark off places of interest, important loot, or other purposes. You’ll need to place them in the ground and boot up your GPS tracker for the location to appear. And that's everything you need to know about these purple markers in the game.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Jade PG for its complete tutorial on the purple markers in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.