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Can You Heal Kelvin In Sons Of The Forest?

Learn if it's possible to heal or revive Kelvin if he is killed or injured in Sons of the Forest.
Can You Heal Kelvin In Sons Of The Forest?

Sons of the Forest gives players NPCs who’ll act as their companions throughout their adventures in-game. For example, players can have Virginia, the three-legged woman, and Kelvin as their NPC companions in Sons of the Forest, but the most popular ally is Kelvin. That said, there may come a time when, by accident or not, Kelvin is harmed or, in some cases, killed by you or the threats of the island. As a result, it's only natural players might wonder: Can Kelvin be healed or revived in Sons of the Forest?

Can Kelvin Be Healed In Sons Of The Forest?

sons of the forest mechanic guide heal npcs kelvin in game prompt medical cross
Players can only heal NPC companions like Kelvin in multiplayer mode. (Picture: YouTube / Jade PG)

In short, it is possible to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest; however, there is a catch to achieving this. After meeting him at the start of the game, as you awake at the crash site, you’ll find Kelvin not far from you. You'll then have the option to help him, making him your companion. You can also choose not to have him as a companion (if you prefer to work alone or have Virginia instead), but this would mean you’ll have to kill him.

But if you have a change of heart and spare his life, or he gets injured by attacks from mutants, cannibals, or you, there is a method to heal or revive him. To do this, approach Kelvin until you see a medic cross symbol appears on-screen. Then, at the prompt, you can heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, as designated by the “E” key on your PC and the A/Square button if you use a compatible controller.

sons of the forest mechanic guide heal npcs kelvin virginia three legged woman
If your NPC companion, like Virginia, dies, there's a chance they'll respawn if playing in multiplayer. (Picture: YouTube / Jade PG)

You must press and hold the “E” key for as long as possible to heal Kelvin before he gets up. However, if he succumbed to more damage, which requires more healing, Kelvin can’t technically be healed in this manner. Instead, should Kelvin die, there’s a chance he may respawn, but only if he got killed by mutants or cannibals.

Otherwise, if he dies by your hands, he won't respawn in Sons of the Forest. It’s worth pointing out that you can only heal Kelvin in multiplayer mode as this isn’t applicable for the single-player mode, so we advise players not to kill any of their NPC companions in single-player. And that concludes our guide on whether you can heal and revive Kelvin in Sons of the Forest.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Jade PG for their complete tutorial on healing Kelvin. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.