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Shroud teases "huge" announcement coming 22 July

After several weeks of silence, it looks like Shroud is finally ready to share with the world his future plans.
Shroud teases "huge" announcement coming 22 July

It has been a really strange period for the bigest names in the world of streaming.

Three of the streaming world's biggest stars, DrDisrespect, Shroud, and Ninja, aren't streaming for weeks now, and are currently platformless.

Near the end of June, seemingly out of the blue, Microsoft decided to shut down their streaming platform Mixer and merge it with Facebook Gaming.

This left many of the smaller streamers and Mixer partners in shock, but not Mixer's biggest stars, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Michael "shroud" Grzesiek.

The two streamer superstars are free to join any platform they want, they don't need to transit to Facebook Gaming, and Mixer will pay them their full contracts regardless.

According to rumours, Ninja and Shroud were offered a huge amount of money if they remained exclusive to Facebook Gaming.

The Metro UK reported that Ninja was offered $60 million while Shroud was offered $20 million to join Facebook Gaming. They both declined.

Shroud teases huge announcement coming 22 July
(Picture: Shroud)

And after a full month of silence, it looks like Shroud is now ready to share with the world what are his huge plans.

During the stream with his girlfriend Hannah "Bnans" Kennedy on Bnans' Twitch channel, they were playing Valorant and chatting on Discord.

At one point, seemingly completely randomly, Shroud mentioned a "big announcement".

"Hannah, I heard there's a big announcement tomorrow," Shroud says.

"Oh, really?" Hannah replied. "I think I've heard about that too, 22nd, right?"

Then they both confirmed the date, and Bnans ending the conversation with calling it a "Huuuge announcement."

So, what will it be? Is Shroud coming back to Twitch or joining some other platform, Youtube perhaps? Or maybe, DrDisrespect, Shroud, and Ninja joining forces together to create their own platform? Maybe they are all moving to Brime?

These are all speculations, but we will definitely have more details later today when Shroud shares his announcement. Follow us to be the first to find out about this news!