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Street Fighter 5
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Caba secures Capcom Cup spot with an unbeaten run in the Central America qualifier

The Dominican beat notable opposition through his run, including former Capcom Cup Champion MenaRD on the way to clinging his tournament win.
With the Capcom Cup qualifiers being played all around the world, more pros are securing a spot for the premier Street Fighter V championship scheduled for Spring 2021, with Guile specialist Cristopher "Caba" Rodriguez becoming the latest to punch his ticket for the competition.

Caba participated in the first Central American and Mexico qualifier in a stacked tournament that included Capcom Cup 2017 winner, MenaRD, going completely undefeated in the bracket, beating Mexican veteran Kusanagi in the Grand Finals of the event.

The Dominican has made an appearance at Capcom Cup in 2018 with a surprising 9th place finish and will look to outdo himself in 2021 when the next edition of the event rolls around.

Capcom Cup 2020 Qualified Players

Capcom Cup Caba                                                                                                                         (Picture: Bureau of Jail Management and Penology)

Caba's the eight player confirmed for Capcom Cup after last week's Daigo Umehara victory, here's every pro qualifier so far:

  • Derek “iDom” Ruffin (Capcom Cup 2019 Champion)
  • Arman "Phenom" Rabiee (Europe East & Middle East #1 winner)
  • Yoryi "DR Mandrake" Bueno (North America East #1 winner)
  • Niel "SKZ" Chong (Asia South East #1 winner)
  • Gonzalo "Pikoro" Buleje (South America #1 winner)
  • Houmaid "Takamura_B" Rabie (Europe West #1 winner)
  • Daigo Umehara (Asia East #1 winner)
  • Cristopher "Caba" Rodriguez (Central America #1 winner)

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