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Capcom Pro Tour Online postponed in support of Black Lives Matter

Capcom has decided to postpone this weekend’s Capcom Pro Tour Online circuit to support the Black Lives Matter movement.
Capcom Pro Tour Online postponed in support of Black Lives Matter

The Capcom Pro Tour Online has been postponed in support Black Lives Matter, the company has announced. 

The Street Fighter V competitive circuit was moved online due to the coronavirus pandemic, which was scheduled to begin on Saturday 6th June in the North America region. 

Capcom has since released a statement confirming the start date of the tournament will be pushed back in order to highlight “bigger, more important voices” as Black Lives Matter protests sweep the US following the death of George Floyd. 

The North America East 1 tournament will be pushed back to 20-21st June, while the Europe East and Middle East 1 tournament will go ahead as planned on 13-14th June.

“With respect to current events, Capcom will refrain from game-related posts on our social channels for the time being,” the statement reads. “We will also be postponing Capcom Pro Tour Online, which was scheduled to begin this weekend. 

“We at Capcom support Black communities and everyone who is standing against racism and fighting for equality for all. 

“We understand that there are bigger, more important voices that deserve to be heard right now, and the spotlight belongs to them.”

This is one of many gaming events postponed to support the protests, including Sony’s PlayStation 5 presentation, the next season of Call of Duty, and Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Wire broadcast.