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Capcom unbans CeroBlast following racist comments, issues ultimatum

CeroBlast was banned over a year ago by Capcom and other FGC organisers over racists comments that surfaced during a beef with LowTierGod.
Capcom unbans CeroBlast following racist comments, issues ultimatum

Capcom has made a controversial decision by announcing they'll be un-lifting Christina "CeroBlast" Tran's ban following racist comments made on stream, as the company believes she "has shown remorse" since the incident. 

CeroBlast was first banned by Capcom in April 2020 after clips of her using racial slurs surfaced during an online beef with Dalauan "LowTierGod" Sparrow after he used transphobic insults directed towards Cero.

LTG, who was also banned by Capcom, had received previous bans from CEO and Evo due to his antics, however, the company did not un-lift his punishment and made no mention of Sparrow whatsoever in their statement.

Capcom unbans ceroblast
(Picture: Capcom)

CeroBlast tried to excuse her usage of racial slurs originally by blaming "black culture" for making such vocabulary prevalent in the FGC. "If you groom us into culture for saying that, then that's really not our fault."

Tran tweeted out after Capcom's announcement that she was "sorry again for my past mistakes," promising to become a better person moving forward.

Capcom did issue an ultimatum, stating that if CeroBlast ever incurs in such transgressions again, she'll be permabanned from all events.

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