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Street Fighter 5
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Street Fighter pro NuckleDu retires following "really bad" car accident

NuckleDu was an accomplished Street Fighter player getting big wins at tournaments like Combo Breaker, Canada Cup, and Capcom Cup.
The fighting games community is amid a huge turmoil due to the plenty of accusations against some of the most renowned members of the scene. While all this unfolds, pro player Du "NuckleDu" Dang has decided to put the fighting stick down and retire from competition.


NuckleDu retires from Street Fighter

The 24-year-old announced via social media his decision to step down and say goodbye to the FGC, leaving behind an illustrious career mainly competing in Street Fighter titles.



"I will be putting my controller down now. Furthermore, I will step away from social media in general since I can't offer you guys anything anymore. Life is short and unforgiving. Call loved ones, make amends, go outside, and don't let social media consume you. Take care."

The sudden departure follows the claims of him being in a car accident reported this past July 2nd by pro player Kevin "Dual Kevin" Barrios, with no specific details being shared of the incident.



“Nuckledu just got into a really bad car crash. Keep him in your prayers, please. I hate this year,” Kevin would tweet, with a follow-up comment confirming Dang is expected to make a full recovery.”

NuckleDu is lauded as one of the best Street Fighters players of modern times, excelling at Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V. Some of his biggest accomplishments include winning Combo Breaker in three consecutive years (2015-2017), Final Round 19, Canada Cup 2016, and the highly coveted Capcom Cup also in 2016.

With Evo cancelled this year due to the allegations against Joey “MrWiz” Cuellar, it’s sad that we could not see him compete one last time.

Check out his Grand Finals against Ricki Ortiz down below.