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Street Fighter 6 Avatar Creator: How To Create & Use Custom Character

Capcom introduced a new feature in Street Fighter 6, the Avatar Creator, which lets you create a character for the game's World Tour mode.
Street Fighter 6 Avatar Creator: How To Create & Use Custom Character

Street Fighter 6 will see various features and mechanics carried over from its previous release and introduce new characters, modes, and more mechanics to enhance players' overall gameplay experience. One such feature, the first for a Street Fighter game, is a character customization system that allows you to play and fight with a created character or Avatar.

This customization system is connected to the game's new mode, World Tour, a single-player offering currently available in the game's Demo version. Here's everything about the Avatar Creator, including how to create a character, available presets, and how to use the created character in Street Fighter 6.

How To Create Custom Character In Street Fighter 6?

As it's known upon its release, players can create their characters or avatars in Street Fighter 6 for the World Tour game mode. A significant aspect of this single-player story component is its extensive customization system, the Avatar Creator, allowing one to create an avatar using the various preset models, settings, and options to produce their dream fighter.

street fighter 6 features guide avatar creator character customization user interface ui menu presets options settings
Street Fighter 6 includes the Avatar Creator feature, where you can create your unique Avatar when playing the World Tour mode. (Picture: Capcom)

However, you can already create your Avatar when playing the Street Fighter 6 Demo available on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. According to Capcom, when the game launches on 2nd June 2023, you can port the created character over to the full game as long as it's on the same platform you've played the demo.

If you wish to create a different character for the full game, it's unclear if you can create another avatar, but you can also delete your game save files from the demo and start from scratch. As for what settings are available within the Avatar Creation, we've listed all the available preset options you'll have access to in Street Fighter 6:

  • Type: Body Type and Identity options
  • Presets: Avatar, Body, Randomize, and Bleed Face presets
  • Avatar: Height & Proportions, Upper Body, Lower Body, Muscle Definition, Skin Color, and Body Hair options
  • Face: Face, Hair, Eye Shape, Iris/Sclera, Eyelashes, Eyebrows, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Facial Hair, Skin, and Definition options
  • Body Features: Four slots to add Body Paint, Scar, Mole, or have it turned off
  • Facial Features: Seven slots available to add Fixed Face Paint, Face Makeup, Face Scar, Face Mole, Customizable Face Paint, or have it turned off
  • Color: Body Color, Body Hair, Hair Color, Iris Color, Eyelash Color, Eyebrow Color, Body Paint Color, and Face Paint Color Settings
  • Voice: Options to select your Avatar's voice from 16 Voice options and choose from the available Age and Tone options

It's unclear if more options will be available at launch or post-launch, with various character DLCs added throughout the year. What is known is that this is one of the most robust character customization systems available for any game, and it's a first for a Street Fighter game.

How To Use Your Created Avatar In Street Fighter 6?

The World Tour mode follows the journey of your created character worldwide as they learn from legendary fighters, acquire new abilities, complete various trials and challenges, and establish bonds. As previously mentioned, if you played the Street Fighter 6 Demo, you can port over your created Avatar to the full game at launch if you saved your game files.

Additionally, you can use your created Avatar to participate in Avatar Battles by bringing them over from the World Tour to the Battle Hub and using them to fight against other online players using their Avatars. To further customize your Avatar, you can purchase various cosmetic and consumable items from multiple shops worldwide.

Your Avatar will also be mentored by some of the best and most iconic fighters during the World Tour mode, as they'll start with Luke as their coach before meeting more as you progress. Some of the various coaches you can train with include Chun-Li, where you can learn her Master Actions by completing adjacent missions can boost your friendship with these masters, and giving them gifts has a similar effect too.

street fighter 6 features guide avatar creator character customization
You can have your Master battle alongside you when fighting with other Avatars. (Picture: Capcom)

You can battle against random NPCs in World Tour when exploring the city and streets of Metro City and Nayshall. When these fights are initiated, you can gain access to exclusive techniques, like Drive Stall, and you can ask your Master to help you win battles to further strengthen your bond with them.

Lastly, there are various mini-games to enjoy to earn money, which will help you buy items from shops and merchants or financially support your global adventures. These mini-games serve as part-time job opportunities for your created Avatar, which can teach you a few things, like mastering the basics of street combat.