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Is Subway Surfers shutting down?

Subway Surfers players' worst nightmare would be for the game to shut down. Here, we discuss whether it's shutting down as of May 2022.
Is Subway Surfers shutting down?

The mobile app game Subway Surfers, available on iOS, Kindle, Windows Phone, and Android, has been around for a while now. In fact, it just celebrated its 10-year anniversary on 16th May 2022, a huge milestone for any mobile game.

Many fans are celebrating the anniversary, but some fans still wonder if Subway Surfers may be shutting down sometime soon. After all, Subway Surfers has been around for so long now, and most mobile games don't maintain a steady userbase for 10 years. Plus, hosting a game server can be expensive for developers.

Here's everything we know about whether or not Subway Surfers is shutting down as of May 2022.

Is Subway Surfers shutting down?

Subway Surfers Saint Petersburg promo
Subway Surfers continues to receive regular updates, taking players on a tour all around the world to a new location each time. (Image: SYBO)

Subway Surfers is not shutting down as of May 2022.

Subway Surfers may have been released 10 years ago, but it is still one of the most popular games out there on mobile app stores. Plus, it has one of the most dedicated fanbases of any mobile game even after all this time.

Games are usually shut down when only a few people still play them, or they have become unplayable over time thanks to changes in technology.

None of these problems apply to Subway Surfers, which is still going strong. As such, it's unlikely that its developers, SYBO and Kiloo, would be interested in shutting down Subway Surfers anytime soon.

In fact, the game still receives regular updates to its gameplay, suggesting that the developers are still actively putting effort, time, and money into the game that fans love. If players continue to play Subway Surfers regularly, the developers will likely have no reason to shut the game down.

Now you know whether Subway Surfers is shutting down. Thankfully, it's likely not shutting down anytime soon, so you'll be able to enjoy your favorite game for a lot longer.

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Featured image courtesy of SYBO.