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How to Play Subway Surfers on PC

A simple yet effective guide to help you play one of the popular mobile games, Subway Surfers, on a PC.
How to Play Subway Surfers on PC

One of the old-school mobile games most people love to play on their smartphones, Subway Surfers is an impressive title to kill some time. It is currently available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

While some people love to play games on their phones, others like to enjoy it on a big screen with the traditional keyboard and mouse combination. Fortunately, it is possible to play Subway Surfers on a PC.

With Windows support for Subway Surfers, we can play the title officially on PC or use other methods. Here is a complete guide on how to play Subway Surfers on a computer.

How to play Subway Surfers on PC?

Train tracks in Subway Surfers
Train tracks in Subway Surfers. (Picture: SYBO TV)

There are different ways to play Subway Surfers PC. We will have a look at the most straightforward way first.

Play with Kiloo

This is by far the easiest way to play Subway Surfers. Just open an internet browser, preferably Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and log in to Kiloo’s site. Subway Surfers will be on the cover page of the site. You can also click on the link above to direct yourself there. Make sure to disable any  Ad Blockers on your browser as that may hinder the game while loading.

Kiloo is the co-developer of Subway Surfers, so it is the official way of playing the game on Microsoft Windows.

If for some odd reason, you run into trouble while loading the game on Kiloo’s website, there is an alternative to it too. It’s called Poki. The site is very similar to Kiloo and hosts a bunch of mobile games, including Subway Surfers. You can click here to load the game on Poki’s website.

Play using Emulators

Subway Surfers ready with BlueStacks’ application.
Subway Surfers ready with BlueStacks’ application. (Picture: BlueStacks)

Emulators are not new for playing mobile games on a computer. We have BlueStacks and MEmu Play, which are two of the best options to use and play Subway Surfers from a PC.

To play the game using BlueStacks, you need to download the application from their official site. Now follow these simple steps to play the game:

  • Once the download is complete, install the application.
  • After installing BlueStacks, you will notice a search bar on the top. Search for Subway Surfers.
  • Download the game on the PC. It may ask to sign in with a google account to complete the download process.
  • Once downloaded, the game will appear on the screen of BlueStacks.

MEmu Play has exactly the same steps as BlueStacks. If for some reason, the first emulator is not working, you can switch to the alternative one.

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Featured image courtesy of Kiloo.