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Ludwig announces biggest Melee and Ultimate tournament ever

Ludwig recently signed an exclusivity deal to stream on YouTube and revealed his plans to host the biggest tournament in the history of both Melee and Ultimate.
Ludwig announces biggest Melee and Ultimate tournament ever

Despite Ludwig Aghren becoming one of the most-watched streamers in the entire world, breaking Twitch's all-time subscription record during his subathon, he hasn't forgotten his roots -- the Smash community.

On the same day he announced his new exclusivity deal to stream on YouTube Gaming starting on 30th November, Ludwig went on The Stanz Show to talk about his decision as well as reveal massive plans for the entire Smash scene.

In short, Ludwig plans to host the biggest tournament in the history of both Melee and Ultimate. But how is his move to YouTube going to allow him to make this dream a reality?

Ludwig announces $1 million Smash Ultimate and Melee tournament

smash melee tournament
Ludwig started in the world of content creation as a Smash player. (Picture: Nintendo)

During his interview with Nathan Stanz, Ludwig explained that his move to YouTube will allow him to have more financial freedom since he'll now have a steady income unlike relying on subscriptions and ad views, which can feel stressful for streamers. 

With this in mind, Ludwig has the liberty to help push the Smash community forward, which has long been forgotten by Nintendo, who have even negatively impacted the competitive scene's development. 

"In 2022 I will make the biggest Smash tournament of all time in both entrants and prize pool for Melee and Ultimate. This will probably cost 1 million dollars."

Ludwig would later add that in the middle of discussing whether he'd move to YouTube or stick to Twitch he had a second subathon planned entirely dedicated to funding this event. 

"I was genuinely thinking of giving up a month of my life so I had the resources to throw away a million dollars and have it not be stupid. Being with YouTube, I can just do that."

Smash ultimate ludwig
Smash Ultimate is the most recent release in the franchise. (Picture: Nintendo)

Of course, no details were shared regarding the event, but considering Ludwig's passion and love for Smash, we have no doubt it'll be a memorable tournament. 

You can check the interview with Stanz down below.


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Featured image courtesy of Beyond The Summit/Nintendo.