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Terry Crews catches flak for Amazon commercial

Popular American actor Terry Crews has come under fire after featuring in an Amazon Warehouse ad on TikTok and fans are not happy.
Terry Crews catches flak for Amazon commercial

Terry Crews is a famous American actor who featured in shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and blockbuster movies like The Expendables 2. While beloved by many for his charismatic nature and vibrant energy, Crews was hit with massive backlash after recently participating in an Amazon commercial, for which he was branded a "sell out."

Amazon previously came under fire after employees lobbied over unfair and unsafe working conditions. So naturally, fans were not happy when they saw Crews feature in an Amazon Warehouse TikTok ad and unironically promoted the "gigs and benefits" of working at the company, which included "benefits, paid tuition and flexible hours."

Terry Crews "deranged" for doing Amazon TikTok ad

In the ad, Terry Crews opens by saying: "I heard Amazon was hiring a bajillion people and thought I'd take a look for myself." Crews then asked whether Amazon pays for tuition, only to act surprised and mockingly add: "So what do you think my major should be?"

@terrycrews#ad @Amazon ♬ original sound - Terry Crews

In the TikTok video's comments section, hundreds of users indicated how Amazon is historied for mistreating its workers, highlighting the long work hours and short, timed breaks; in addition to being constantly monitored and micromanaged, and receiving low pay.

Twitch streamer and political commentator Hasan "Hasanabi" Piker reacted to the ad, commenting: "this is deranged man" on Twitter. This attracted a further flood of comments from other Twitter users, who subsequently accused Crews of being a sell-out and mocking poor people.

"Amazon: We can't afford to pay our workers more. Also, Amazon: We're going to pay Terry Crews a boatload of money to come roleplay as a poor person for a few hours," a Twitter user said. Another Twitter user wrote how if television and the internet existed in the 1700s, Crews would presumably have done an ad for slavery.

terry crews amazon tiktok ad backlash commercial
Terry Crews was hit with massive backlash for endorsing Amazon in a TikTok ad. (Picture: TikTok / Terry Crews)

One Twitter user added to the conversation by highlighting the irony of Crews starring in the 2018 film Sorry To Bother You, which coincidentally dealt with the issue of race, personal ethics and corporate greed in contemporary America. Perhaps Crews' involvement in the movie didn't penetrate properly.

What are your thoughts on Terry Crews' endorsement of Amazon? Do you agree with the critics, or do you think the ad is entirely innocent? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter -- we'd love to hear from you!


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Featured image courtesy of Terry Crews.