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PewDiePie slams Travis Scott's Astroworld apology video

The King of YouTube reacted to Travis Scott's apology video, which was posted in response to the chaos that broke out at the Astroworld Festival, saying: "I rate this apology absolute dogs**t zero out of 10."
YouTube star Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg recently criticised Travis Scott's apology video posted in response to the tragic events that left at least eight people dead and hundreds injured at his Astroworld Festival this past weekend.

The music event took place in Houston, Texas and was attended by around 50,000 people; however, the event soon broke out in chaos after concertgoers stormed the stage, an act that many claim Travis Scott incited.

PewDiePie slams Travis Scott's Astroworld apology video

In a video entitled "Travis Scott Apology Review," PewDiePie shared his opinion on the matter. "The more I look into it, the more insane it actually is," PewDiePie said before detailing the chaos that was reported.

pewdiepie travis scott apology video review react youtube astroworld festival
PewDiePie shares his distaste for Travis Scott's "dogs**t" apology video. (Picture: YouTube / PewDiePie)

The YouTube star continued to say there was a "mob mentality, there were fires breaking out, and very early in the day as well, people were doing all kinds of crazy stuff."

The YouTube star further acknowledged that while he thinks it's normal for things to get out of control at concerts, it blows his mind that nobody did anything about it. PewDiePie also showed a video of people running through the security gates, which he described as "actual pure havoc."

PewDiePie continued to address that many people were questioning who should be held responsible for the mayhem, whether it be Travis Scott or the concert organisers.

"The answer is pretty simple. They're both guilty. There's no doubt it," he said. The YouTuber also criticised Travis Scott for not paying attention to what was going on and inferred that he could have done something.

PewDiePie said, "I don’t understand how you can defend him not seeing anything; there is no excuse," adding: "There's really no reason to not stop the show if you see something going on."

Followingly, PewDiePie addressed Travis Scott's apology video, which he described as "the worst apology [he's] seen in a very, very long time." Pewds explained that Travis kept making a "weird" hand gesture that kids do when they're trying to fake cry.

"It’s so bizarre. And it’s a little late for thoughts and prayers. Travis takes absolutely zero responsibility in this apology; he's just saying the opposite of what happened," PewDiePie said. He then continued to say that it's like shooting a guy and saying that they care about people's safety.

pewdiepie travis scott apology video review react youtube astroworld festival
PewDiePie says Travis Scott's apology video is the worst he's seen in a very long time. (Picture: YouTube / PewDiePie)

PewDiePie concluded the video by saying: "I rate this apology absolute dogs**t zero out of 10 [...] I don't think he realised how bad it was. But he definitely saw people injured."

PewDiePie is also of the opinion that if Travis Scott were drugged out of his mind, he would have been way better off admitting it than putting out the apology that he did.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / PewDiePie.