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TikTok Star Anastasia Grishman Found Dead In A Bathtub, Stabbed Six Times

Tiktok and OnlyFans model Anastasia Grishman was found dead in a bathtub in her St. Petersburg flat after being stabbed in her neck six times.
TikTok Star Anastasia Grishman Found Dead In A Bathtub, Stabbed Six Times

In shocking news, Tiktoker and Onlyf*ns (OF) content creator Anastasia Grishman was found dead after having gone missing for a week. Police found Anastasia dead in a bathtub with
"multiple stab marks" all over her body. Anastasia died at age 26 and was discovered in her St. Petersburg flat.

As reported by The Sun, Anastasia, also known as Anastasia Khamlovskaya, was found deceased in a bathtub covered in stab wounds. Police officials tracked down her boyfriend, Dmitry Chernyshov, and arrested him. According to local media in Russia, Dmitry, was filmed being taken into custody and was later charged with murder after reportedly confessing to the crime.

TikTok Star Anastasia Grishman Found Dead

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Anastasia is a Tiktok content creator. (Picture: Instagram / Dismoke)

Anastasia is one of the most well-known Russian TikTok stars, with over 300,000 followers and more than 1 million views. On OF and other adult entertainment sites, Anastasia amassed millions of views for most of her provocative videos. 

Her boyfriend Dmitry, aged 24 years, starred in most of the provocative online videos and worked with Anastasia to produce content across platforms. Besides content creation, Anastasia’s second career was working as a tattoo artist. 

The Tiktoker’s death is a shock for the content creator’s friends as they were forced to call the police since Anastasia wasn't reachable before she was found dead. Upon searching Anastasia’s flat in St. Petersburg, Russia, police found the OF content creator in the bathtub with reports from local law enforcement detailing the star apparently enduring six stab wounds to the neck.

Anastasia is an OF content creator.
Anastasia is an OF content creator. (Picture: Instagram / Dismoke)

In an investigation, her boyfriend, Dmitry, was hunted by police and later caught. Following the arrest, he was taken into custody by police officials and charged with the murder of 26-year-old Anastasia. 

As of writing, Dmitry hasn’t publicly commented on the charges, and sentencing remains to be ruled. Local Russian media confirms Dmitry killed Anastasia, but the motive for the stabbing is uncertain. According to police records and local media, Dmitry has been previously convicted for theft and evasion of military service.

For family, friends, and fans, it’s saddening to hear the Tiktok star has been murdered, especially by someone as close as their partner. Her departure will leave a void in those following her journey as a content creator on TikTok and other platforms. Rest in peace, Anastasia.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Dismoke.