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Corinna Kopf's Latest OnlyFans Earnings Are Absolutely Insane

"This makes me want to f**cking vomit. This is insane!" - David Dobrik.
Corinna Kopf's Latest OnlyFans Earnings Are Absolutely Insane

Corinna Kopf, also known as "Pouty Girl" across her social media channels, is a famous American influencer and streamer. Best known for her regular appearance in YouTube star David Dobrik's vlogs, the 26-year-old has quickly established her own brand identity.

In June 2021, Corinna joined the adult content service OnlyFans, where she shocked fans with her absurd earnings, revealing that a single NSFW photo sold for $165,000 while grossing over $4 million in just the first month on the platform.

However, David Dobrik was recently left stunned when he discovered Corinna Kopf's latest OnlyFans earnings in a TikTok video; it goes without saying that she has been very hard at work.

How much money does Corinna Kopf earn on OnlyFans?

Corrina Kopf earns over $2 million every month from OnlyFans
Corinna Kopf earns an average of over $1 million monthly on OnlyFans. (Picture: Twitter / Pouty Girl)

On 1st July 2022, David Dobrik posted a video on TikTok revealing Corinna's insane OnlyFans earnings. The YouTuber opened by saying, "This is my friend Corinna. She's kind of had a side hustle that we all know about, but look at how much she made."

He then proceeded to warn viewers to "buckle in" as she showed Corinna Kopf's monthly OnlyFans earnings from June 2021 to February 2022. "This makes me want to f**cking vomit. This is absolutely insane," David Dobrik said.

@daviddobrik this is absolutely insane hahaha @corinnakopf @zane ♬ original sound - DAVID DOBRIK

Accordingly, between June 2021 (when Corinna started her OnlyFans) and February 2022, the internet star raked in $10.8 million, averaging $1.2 million every month. The highest-earning month was in June 2021, when she pulled $2.4 million; however, her monthly earnings have dropped steadily since then.

  • Feb 2022 - $683,635.82
  • Jan 2022 - $811,138.08
  • Dec 2021 - $1,046,108.70
  • Nov 2021 - $970,663.97
  • Oct 2021 - $954,774.24
  • Sept 2021 - $1,018,770.86
  • Aug 2021 - $1,276,071.86
  • Jul 2021 - $1,698,408.28
  • Jun 2021 - $2,364,334.07
Corinna Kopf makes major bank from simps on OnlyFans
Corinna Kopf makes major bank from her simps on OnlyFans. (Picture: Twitter / Pouty Girl)

While David Dobrik did not reveal her OnlyFans earnings between March 2022 and the present, we can speculate that it's at least several hundred thousand dollars per month. Indeed, Corinna's choice of work is not everybody's cup of tea; you still have to applaud the grind.

Earlier this week, Twitch superstar Imane "Pokimane" Anys, who has a much larger fanbase than Corinna Kopf, speculated that she could pull up to $10 million if she started OnlyFans; and we're beginning to see why.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Pouty Girl and Unsplash.