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Amouranth Slams YouTuber Claiming She Made Up Her Stalker Drama

Twitch star Amouranth hit back at a YouTuber speculating that she might have lied about her latest Estonian stalker drama.
Amouranth Slams YouTuber Claiming She Made Up Her Stalker Drama

Twitch star Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa's latest stalker drama has recently attracted significant attention after an Estonian man sold all his belongings to travel to Houston, where he proceeded to stalk her for 44 days before attempting to break into her house.

However, while Amouranth's stalker incident recently gained the attention of the Houston mayor's office, one YouTuber was not entirely convinced. More recently, the Twitch star slammed a critic on YouTube who appeared to cast doubt on Amouranth's stalker situation, making it seem as though she made it all up.

Amouranth slams YouTuber for criticizing her stalker drama

amouranth twitch star slams youtube critic on estonian stalker drama
Amouranth slams hater for casting aspersions on her latest Estonian stalker story. (Picture: Twitch / Amouranth)

Amouranth took to Twitter to vent her frustration on 27th June 2022, citing: "Some YouTuber made a video casting aspersions on my stalker story because when I did the Anthony Padilla interview, I reference a stalker, and she's saying, 'these dates don't square up.'"

Amouranth's response to the YouTube video
Amouranth's response to the YouTube video. (Picture: Twitter / Wild Kait)

While it's arguable that the YouTuber uploaded the video as clickbait or petty beef, Amouranth noted how the YouTuber's response shed light on the different realities they live in. "For her, two stalker stories couldn't possibly be separate incidents," Amouranth said mockingly.

While Amouranth did not provide a link to the video in question (presumably to not "feed the troll"), she noted how the YouTuber questioned the dates of her stalker incidents.

Specifically, the YouTuber wondered why nobody realized that Amouranth's Padilla interview was in January, yet the recent stalker incident was in May through June.

Amouranth further clarified that she has had "more than just two stalkers," adding that the stalker she referenced in her interview with Anthony Padilla "heralds from Canada" and that the recent ongoing stalker drama was from Estonia.

"Also, the Padilla interview was filmed earlier but didn't air [until January], so my fans have a pretty good recollection of each incident," Amouranth added. Fortunately, it seems most people can look past the ridiculous claims of the YouTuber, taking away the fact that "haters gon' hate."

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Featured image courtesy of Amouranth on Twitch