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What Is The Upside Down Smile Trend On TikTok?

Lots of TikTokers are jumping on the new Upside Down Smile trend on TikTok. We explain what it's all about and why it's so viral.
What Is The Upside Down Smile Trend On TikTok?
New trends go viral on TikTok all the time, and with all the unique and fun content on the platform, users could never guess what will go viral next. In June 2022, the Upside Down Smile trend became super popular on TikTok, and many users are wondering what it's all about. Fortunately, we have you covered as we explain what it is and why TikTokers love this trend so much. 

What is the Upside Down Smile Trend on TikTok?

Upside down smile trend TikTok
Some TikTokers find the Upside Down Smile challenge easy to do, while others find it more difficult. (Picture: TikTok)

As the name of the trend implies, the Upside Down Smile trend on TikTok challenges users to twist their faces into a unique facial expression where they (quite literally) turn a frown upside-down.

To make the facial expression, the person must frown and then turn up the corners of their mouth. When done correctly, it effectively looks like an inverted smiley face. As of late June 2022, thousands of users have posted videos of themselves attempting to recreate the Upside Down Smile facial expression on TikTok. 

Why is the Upside Down Smile Trend so Popular?

Upside down smile trend tiktok popular
Many users are trying the Upside Down Smile TikTok trend to see if they can pull off the unique facial expression. (Picture: TikTok / Bytedance)

There are a few reasons why the Upside Down Smile trend may have become such a viral hit so quickly on TikTok.

First, while some people find making the Upside Down Smile facial expression easy, others find it nearly impossible. As such, it can be fun for people to see if they're able to do the signature Upside Down Smile at all. 

For others, it's just a silly facial expression and an opportunity to make a fun video while trying something new with friends. 

Check out this video to see the TikTok Upside Down Smile trend in action:

As you can see in the video compilation, many users are having fun with this challenge and even inviting their friends and family to try it. 

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Featured image courtesy of TikTok / Bytedance.