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V Rising - Beatrice the Tailor and Cotton Yarn Farming Locations

The basics of crafting powerful armour by finding Beatrice the Tailor and the locations to farm Cotton in V Rising.
V Rising - Beatrice the Tailor and Cotton Yarn Farming Locations

V Rising features various sets of armour and materials to use when making them. Cotton, when taken and turned into Yarn is one of these materials and is a vital material for making more powerful armour in the game.

This guide will show you how to find the Cotton in V Rising and how to find Beatrice the Tailor, so you can get the recipe for making Yarn out of the Cotton you find. And set you on your way to crafting powerful armour for yourself. 

V Rising Where to Find Beatrice the Tailor

The first thing you'll want to get out of the way is to find the recipe for crafting Yarn out of Cotton, which you receive after defeating the Level 38 Boss, Beatrice the Tailor. You can then use the Yarn to craft pieces of armour that are more powerful in the later game. 

V Rising Beatrice the Tailor and cotton yarn farming locations Finding and defating Beatrice will give you the Yarn recipe for making armour from cotton
Once Beatrice is defeated, you can gain the ability to craft Yarn from Cotton and create new types of armour. (Picture: YouTube / 1 Up Nerdcore)

To find Beatrice, head to DawnBreak Village in the Dunley Farmlands, or use your Blood Altar to hunt her down. Once you find her, she will be easy enough to take down as she runs away most of the time, but she can call the town's guards and alert other enemies to your presence, so try to stun her and take her down as quickly as possible.

Defeating her will net you the Yarn Recipe, and the Loom which you can now use to turn Cotton into Yarn.

To create armour however you will need to unlock the Tailoring Bench, which can be gained when Defeating the level 37 Boss, Quincy the Bandit King, who can be found in the Bandit Stronghold in the northern part of Farbane Woods. 

V Rising Where to Farm Cotton

Now that you have the bench, and the ability to turn Cotton into Yarn, you can begin using the Yarn to craft armour, but you need to find the raw Cotton to do all of this.

The Cotton can be farmed At any of the six Cotton Farms in the Dunley Farmlands towards the north, but we recommend the three toward the east side as they are easy to travel between and close to Waygates and Cave Passages.

v rising beatrice the tailor and cotton yarn farming locations there are six different farming locations in the Dunley Farmlands
There are six different Cotton farms to locate in the Dunley Farmlands Area. (Picture: YouTube / 1 Up Nerdcore)

This area can be farmed as you simply need to reap as much Cotton as you can, then reset the area, and do it all over again. After some time, you will have more than enough Cotton to begin creating your brand new and powerful armour. 

We'd like to thank YouTube Channel 1 Up Nerdcore for their full guide on V Rising's Beatrice the Tailor and Cotton Locations. For more of their amazing content, consider subscribing to their channel. 

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.