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V Rising General's Soul Reaper guide - How to unlock

This guide explains how to get the General's Soul Reaper in V Rising, one of the strongest weapons in the game.
V Rising General's Soul Reaper guide - How to unlock

Stunlock Studios' newest survival game, V Rising, sees players learn and master an arsenal of deadly weapons and unholy abilities. However, while there is a plethora of weaponry available in the game, few compare to the overpowered General's Soul Reaper.

Wielding this endgame weapon will undoubtedly make you one of the strongest vampires on your server. This guide details how to unlock the General's Soul Reaper in V Rising, including all biomaterials required to craft it and where to find them, effectively making you every player's worst nightmare.

How to get the General's Soul Reaper in V Rising

The General's Soul Reaper is a two-handed weapon that deals slash damage, doing greater effective damage on the undead. The Level 18 Gear boasts impressive stats, including +18.5 Physical Power, +25% Physical Damage to Undead, +6% Spell Power, and +5% Spell Critical Strike Chance.

how to unlock generals soul reaper weapon v rising
The General's Soul Reaper is an overpowered weapon in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / Itz Jimbo)

Unsurprisingly, you'll need to acquire the weapon's blueprint, in addition to the Smithy (unlocked after beating the boss Quincey the Bandit King) and the following biomaterial:

  • 3x Regular Miststone
  • 3x Greater Blood Essence *
  • 18x Iron Ingots *
  • 12x Plank
  • 90x Gem Dust

As you may have noticed, some of these ingredients are typically only accessible in the endgame. However, while we've explained how to get them in previous guides, we've briefly reiterated how to get each biomaterial below.

how to craft generals soul reaper v rising
Once you have all the biomaterial, you can craft the General's Soul Reaper at the Smithy. (Picture: YouTube / Itz Jimbo)

You can get Miststones at any location containing Gem Veins, like Bedrock Pass in the northwestern part of the Dunley Farmlands. Otherwise, there are numerous locations throughout the Farbane Woods to farm them. You'll also be able to get Gem Dust there.

As explained in our Unsullied Hearts guide, you can get Greater Blood Essence either by putting 4x Unsullied Hearts through the Blood Press or beating Tristan the Vampire Hunter and crafting it via Blood Essence.

To get the Iron Ingots, you'll have to mine Iron Ore, preferably at the Haunted Iron Mine, and then smelt it using a Furnace. Finally, Plank is easily obtainable by gathering Wood.

iron ore v rising best location how to mine
The best place to mine Iron Ore is the Haunted Iron Mine in the Dunley Farmlands. (Picture: Map Genie)

Next, you'll have to track the Level 46 boss, Leandra the Shadow Priestess, from your Blood Altar. Prepare yourself for battle because you'll need to defeat her to obtain the Jewlcrafting Table (requires 1x Greater Blood Essence, 12x Glass, and 16x Iron Ingots) and the crafting recipe for Scourgestone.

Assuming you have gathered the required biomaterial, you'll need to go to the Church of the Damned, located in the northern part of Vardoran. Once there, you'll need to defeat the Undead Commander to acquire the General's Soul Reaper blueprint. This enemy has a chance to spawn in the Church of the Damned, making it somewhat convenient.

how to get generals soul reaper v rising
Consume the Orb of Knowledge and craft the General's Soul Reaper at the Smithy. (Picture: YouTube / Itz Jimbo)

We advise clearing the enemy mobs in the surrounding area before fighting the Undead Commander, who will have an undefined chance to drop the General's Soul Reaper blueprint (Orb of Knowledge). You'll need to consume the orb before going to the Smithy, where you will (finally) be able to craft the weapon.

With the General's Soul Reaper in your possession, you'll find it easier going up against certain bosses and farming other resources to further your vampire empire. Beyond this, the reaper also has an AoE spell that does a significant amount of damage. Basically, it's a kick-ass weapon that you simply need to have.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Itz Jimbo for their detailed guide on how to get the General's Soul Reaper in V Rising. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more exciting content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.