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V Rising Highland Lotus - How to get, uses, more

This guide will explain everything you need to know to get the Highland Lotus Seeds and Flowers to make powerful gear in V Rising.
V Rising Highland Lotus - How to get, uses, more

As you approach the end game in V Rising, you will need to ensure that your armour is up to scratch as it directly impacts your max level in V Rising and thus your overall power. To do so, you'll need Silk, and to craft it, you will need a somewhat hard to find resource called Highland Lotus Flowers.

This guide will show you exactly how to find Highland Lotus Seeds so you can grow your very own personal supply of Highland Lotus Flowers. Additionally, we'll highlight how to use the Lotus Flowers to craft Silk for creating powerful late-game armour.

V Rising how to get Highland Lotus

V Rising Highland Lotus You can find the Highland lotus around the world of Vardoran in Starlight Hills
You can find the Highland Lotus Flowers in the world, but it is preferable to purchase the seeds and plant your own. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

While you can find Highland Lotus Flowers throughout the world of Vardoran, specifically in Silverlight Hills, they are tedious to locate and only provide one use before you'll have to go searching for more. Instead, you'll want to find the seeds so you can plant your very own Highland Lotus Flowers in your base.

To start, you will need to get Highland Lotus Seeds, which can be purchased from Ottar the Merchant inside a house in Brighthaven Slums. He will sell you the seeds for 200 Silver Coins each, meaning you'll need to stash up your currency to cover the expensive cost.

Though Silver Coins do incur a damage penalty for carrying, you can use resistance potions to negate the effects and carry the silver without any adverse conditions. Once you have enough Silver Coins you can buy the seeds from Ottar the Merchant.

V Rising Highland Lotus Purchase the Highland Lotus Seeds from otter the Merchant
You can purchase the Highland Lotus Seeds from Ottar the Merchant for 200 Silver Coins. (Picture: YouTube / Strange Religion)

However, before speaking to the Merchant, you'll need the Human Form ability, which allows you to trade with human NPCs in the world. This form is obtained in the early game when defeating Beatrice the Tailor, a V Blood boss in Dunley Farms.

She will try to run from you so simply chase her down before she alerts the rest of the town and drains her blood to gain the Human Form ability. Once you have it, you can now head to Ottar the Merchant and buy the Highland Lotus Seeds from him. But be sure to avoid the town guards as you approach him, as even in your human form they can still recognise you as a vampire.

V Rising Highland Lotus To purchase the seeds get the human form from Beatrice Boss
To purchase from Ottar, you need the Human Form which you can get after defeating Beatrice the Tailor. (Picture: YouTube / 1 Up Nerdcore)

Once you have the Highlands Lotus Seeds you can take them to your base and plant them. As they grow, you can harvest the plants with a sword or scythe weapon, and if you have the Worker blood type you will gain an extra 10% - 30% when harvesting any item.

Now that you have the Highland Lotus Flowers, you can use them at your loom, and combine them with Silkworms and fabric to create pure Silk. This can then be used for high-end late-game armour and gear that gives you a massive advantage in battle against tougher enemies.

We would like to thank the YouTube channel Legacy gaming for their full guide on how to get Highland Lotus Seeds in V Rising. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more amazing content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.