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V Rising Abilities Tier List – Best Spells & Ultimates

V Rising has intense combat mechanics to heighten playstyles. Here are the best Blood abilities and Ultimates to guide you to PvP victory.
V Rising Abilities Tier List – Best Spells & Ultimates

V Rising's combat mechanics allows players to develop a character build based on playstyle and preferred weapon to ensure their survival in-game. This can be amplified by utilizing the variety of vampire forms, Blood abilities, and Ultimates to suit their needs, whether for solo, duos, or 4v4 runs during PvP.

The game features 38 different Blood abilities, and Ultimates classed based on effects, skills, and buffs they provide. We examined all 38 abilities and Ultimates available in V Rising and selected the best to use based on their effects, damage output, and more.

Update on 29 May 2023: This guide is outdated. We will endeavor to provide an updated Abilities tier list for the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update very soon. Hang tight.

Best V Rising Blood abilities and ultimates

V Rising includes three types of abilities players can utilize, offering numerous character buffs, skills, and perks that you can use during and outside combat. Character or Blood abilities are earned by defeating V Blood carrier bosses, which can be tracked using the Blood Altar and viewed from the in-game hub by pressing the "J" key.

v rising tier list guide blood abilities ultimates blood altar v blood carrier boss lidia the chaos archer
You can acquire various Blood abilities and Ultimates from defeating V Blood carrier bosses. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

Furthermore, these abilities are categorized into multiple disciplines, namely Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos, and Frost, which you can use in combination to suit your playstyle.

Blood-tree abilities specialize in shielding, healing, and lifesteal powers, while Unholy-tree abilities prioritize enemy debuffs. Illusion-tree abilities are self-explanatory: they create illusions, trick enemies, and teleport you around areas. Finally, Chaos and Frost-tree skills are great for AoE or crowd control damage as Chaos will inflict burn damage while Frost unleashes freezing damage.

These disciplines are categorized into three ability types, Basic, Travel, and Ultimate, which grant you various ability effects and skills once equipped. At the beginning of V Rising, players will have the Veil of Blood, Shadowbolt, and Blood Rite abilities unlocked.

v rising tier list guide blood abilities ultimates lidia the chaos archer boss chaos volley ability
You can acquire the Chaos Volley ability after defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer in the Farbane Woods. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

You'll need to defeat V Blood carrier bosses and consume their Blood to obtain more Blood abilities. While we can explore all the abilities available in V Rising, as there are at least 38 various abilities, we'll be spotlighting the best abilities and Ultimates you can use for both PvE and PvP situations in V Rising.

Best V Rising Blood Abilities – Chaos Volley

The Chaos Volley ability is a Basic ability type under the Chaos-tree abilities you can acquire in the game's first area, Farbane Woods, after beating Lidia the Chaos Archer. This ability summons two Chaos bolts that inflict Chaos burn damage and 125% magic damage on the target enemy.

Having the Scholar Blood type running concurrently with this ability will grant you a boost to spell damage to fully maximize this ability's effects. Additionally, the Power Surge ability removes any adverse effects, giving you or your teammate a shield that protects from spell damage while increasing movement speed and attack while the shield is active.

v rising tier list guide blood abilities ultimates chaos volley power surge proection enemy attacks movement speed attack speed chaos burn damage
Use the Chaos Volley together with the Power Surge ability to protect yourself against enemy attacks, increase attack and movement speed and inflict Chaos Burn damage. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

This skill is viable in PvP because the skill's damage output is relatively high, especially paired with the Power Surge ability; having an increase in movement speed allows one to dodge enemy attacks better. Additionally, the Chaos Volley ability launches the bolts in quick succession, which will enable you to deal rapid damage, which can work in PvP.

Best V Rising Blood Abilities – Power Surge

As mentioned in the Chaos Valley description, the Power Surge is also a Blood-tree ability that removes enemies' adverse effects and creates a shield for yourself or your teammate while gaining a movement and attack speed boost. This ability can be obtained after defeating Azariel the Sunbringer in the Silverlight Hills area.

This ability is a core one to utilize, especially in PvP, making it one of the best shield abilities, as you can use it in conjunction with other abilities. It also fits most weapons to give this ability more viability, allowing you to switch between melee and ranged attacks while being shielded.

Best V Rising Blood Abilities – Purgatory

v rising tier list guide blood abilities ultimates purgatory healing attacking enemies
When healing brews aren't viable, the Purgatory ability allows you to heal teammates and yourself while attacking nearby enemies. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

This Unholy-tree ability is another Basic ability type that you can obtain early in the game after defeating Christina the Sun Priestess. It will allow you to summon an energy pillar to slow down nearby enemies for one second and heal teammates in the area for 40% of your spell power.

After some time, this energy pillar will then explode, dealing 75% AoE magic damage to nearby enemies and healing your teammates for 75% of your spell power. How you utilize this skill is dependent on your playstyle by either using it on an enemy and engaging or using it on yourself and waiting for the enemy to attack or back away before engaging.

Not only will the enemy take damage from this ability, but being able to outheal yourself over the damage taken makes Purgatory a powerful ability. Players with a more aggressive playstyle can use this ability with other abilities to maximize the damage output to targeted enemies.

Best V Rising Blood Abilities – Sanguine Coil

v rising tier list guide blood abilities ultimates sanguine coil projectiles lifeteal magic damage
Sanguine Coil allows you to steal enemy health while dealing magic damage. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

Sanguine Coil is a Blood-tree ability that launches a projectile at a targeted enemy, dealing 75% magic damage while stealing 40% of their health once the projectiles hit. This can heal your teammates for 100% and yourself for 40% of your spell damage if your teammates get hit.

Meredith, the Bright Archer, is the boss you'll want to seek out in the Dunley Farmlands to gain this ability. This ability is hugely beneficial during PvP, as healing is near impossible to achieve. So, having an ability that lets you deal damage and heal simultaneously makes Sanguine Coil a powerful ability to have.

Best V Rising Blood Abilities – Wisp Dance

This Illusory ability allows you to cast three wisps that inflict 125% magic damage to target enemies; however, the wisps can be launched as magic projectiles, dealing 50% magic damage if you recast this ability. Additionally, it will reduce the enemy's damage output by 30% for five seconds once the wisps are recast.

v rising tier list guide blood abilities ultimates wisp danace ranged attacks melee attacks
The Wisp Dance ability has great versatility, allowing you to switch between melee and ranged attacks. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

Acquired after defeating Gorecrusher the Behemoth in the Cursed Forest, this ability's damage output may not seem significant. Still, its versatility can be used as a melee or ranged attack ability, making it appealing. Once cast, you can continue fighting as a melee dealing maximum damage, and not worry about recasting or cast it before recasting it for a ranged attack option once there's a space to do so.

Best V Rising Blood Ultimates – Spectral Guardian

Spectral Guardian is an Illusory Ultimate ability you can acquire once Terah the Geomancer has been defeated in the Dunley Farmlands. This Ultimate allows you to summon a Spectral Guardian, which generates shields for nearby teammates at the cost of 125% of your spell power.

This Spectral Guardian also inflicts damage on nearby enemies using its giant weapon on the battlefield. It lasts for seven seconds, and the shield recasts every 1.5 seconds while the Guardian is in play.

v rising tier list guide blood abilities ultimates spectral guardian shielding giant swing weapon
When summoned, the Spectral Guardian will swing its giant weapon to inflict damage on enemies while generating shields for you and your teammates. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

This ultimate is incredibly great because it summons a giant golem that can block most enemy attacks while gaining another "character" onfield, giving your team an advantage. This can also work if you're running solos or duos, but it works great in a 4v4 situation.

Best V Rising Blood Ultimates – Arctic Leap

Arctic Leap is a frost-tree Ultimate ability that sees the caster launched into the air before striking down onto nearby enemies, dealing 225% AoE magic damage. This causes an explosive effect to trigger, freezing all nearby enemies for at least six seconds upon hit, while enemy vampires will be frozen for three seconds.

It's great for crowd control or AoE damage; Arctic Leap, especially given its cooldown time of 150 seconds, allows you to use any blood abilities for maximum damage output, especially when frozen. Of course, this is dependent on how good you time these attacks and gives you enough time to heal yourself or nearby enemies, which can be extremely hard to do in PvP.

Best V Rising Blood Ultimates – Summon Fallen Angel

v rising tier list guide blood abilities ultimates summon fallen angel damage output
You can use Summon Fallen Angel with Spectral Guardian for maximum protection and damage output. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

Summon Fallen Angel is one of the last abilities players can acquire in V Rising when exploring the Silverlight Hills and defeating its boss, Solarus the Immaculate. Similarly to Spectral Guardian, Summon Fallen Angel casts a spectral figure on the battlefield, which will damage nearby enemies for 15 seconds. At the same time, its attacks will increase the damage output by 25% for five seconds.

Summon Fallen Angel can work exceptionally well with the Spectral Guardian, making it incredibly difficult for the enemy team to land attacks. Additionally, this spectral figure can distract enemies as it attacks them, allowing you and your teammates to deal additional damage before needing to recast Summon Fallen Angel.

There are plenty of other Blood Basic, Travel, and Ultimate abilities you can use in V Rising's PvP, and the abilities highlighted can fit most playstyles and weapons. However, in the end, your character build depends on the players themselves and the character builds of your team to maximize health regeneration, damage output, and unique buffs.

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