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V Rising Spectral Dust guide - How to get

Spectral Dust is a key component in crafting the Eye of Twilight in V Rising. Here's where to find it.
V Rising Spectral Dust guide - How to get

As you progress in V Rising, you will need to gather many rare resources which unlock tools and weaponry capable of incredible power. One of these resources is Spectral Dust, a key ingredient used to craft the Eye of Twilight needed to locate Soul Shards. This guide will explain how to farm Spectral Dust in V Rising, bringing you another step closer to becoming your server's most powerful vampire.

How to get Spectral Dust in V Rising

There are two methods to acquire Spectral Dust in V Rising. The first method involves killing the Banshee mobs in the Cursed Forest and the second method is to obtain the crafting recipe, awarded after defeating the V boss, Foulrot the Soul Taker.

spectral dust location v rising how to get
You can farm Spectral Dust in the Cursed Forest in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

Farm Spectral Dust by Killing Banshee

The first method is the easiest and most accessible method for most players. Simply navigate to the Cursed Forest in the northeast part of Vardoran and kill the Banshee mobs patrolling the area.

A good place to go is the Ancient Village, where in addition to Spectral Dust, you can also farm other rare materials, including Ghost Shroom, Iron Ore, and Ghost Yarn. The enemy mobs in this area also have a chance to drop Scourgestones, which you will need to craft Dark Silver Ingots.

where to find spectral dust v rising
You can find Spectral Dust at the Ancient Village in the Cursed Forest. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

If you're lucky, you can also find Spectral Dust hidden in many of the chests located in the region. Be sure to scour the outskirts of the zone, too, as you will likely find more enemies and chests to loot.

Defeat Foulrot the Soul Taker

The second method involves seeking out the Level 62 V Blood Carrier, Foulrot the Soul Taker. This boss is located in the southwest part of the Cursed Forest and can be tracked using the Blood Altar.

Upon his defeat, Foulrot the Soul Taker will drop the crafting recipe for Spectral Dust, Phantom's Veil, and Banshee. The best way to kill this boss is by cornering him so that it's easier to destroy the many mobs he will summon.

Tip: Lure him west of his spawn location to avoid accidentally aggroing nearby enemy mobs. You can use the Putrid Rat form to do this.

v rising foulrot the soultaker spectral dust farming recipe
Foulrot the Soul Taker will drop the Spectral Dust crafting recipe upon his death. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Once you have slain Foulrot the Soul Taker, you'll need to gather the following ingredients to craft Spectral Dust:

  • 30x Ghost Crystals
  • 3x Gem Dust

You can quickly farm lots of Ghost Crystals while in the Cursed Forest, particularly around the area where Foulrot the Soul Taker is located. Likewise, you'll find an abundance of Gem Stone Veins throughout the Farbane Woods.

Once you've gathered the required biomaterials, you can head back to your Castle, where you can craft Spectral Dust at the Grinder.

how to get spectral dust v rising guide
Foulrot the Soul Taker will summon Bashee to attack you. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

Spectral Dust is a crucial ingredient for crafting the Eye of Twilight, which you can use to locate powerful Soul Shard artifacts. There are three types of Soul Shards in V Rising, each offering powerful buffs ranging from increased resistance to sun, silver, and fire and greater spell and physical power. Therefore, it's certainly worth seeking out.

That's everything you need to know about Spectral Dust in V Rising.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.