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What is the max level in V Rising?

This guide will be answering the question, what is the max level in V Rising? Along with how you can increase your level to reach the maximum.
What is the max level in V Rising?

While every player in V Rising has the goal of becoming the next vampiric overlord, realistically, this means taking your character to the max level they can be in the game. But what is the max level you can reach in V Rising, and how do you get there?

Luckily, this guide will serve to answer those questions for you, as we look at what the max level is in V Rising. Here's how you can get there to truly become the next Dracula and rule over Vardoran.

What is the max level in V Rising?

What is the max level in V Rising The max level is currently set to 80
The current max level you can obtain in V Rising is 80. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

The current max level you can reach is V Rising is level 80 and is a hard cap that the game enforces. However, this isn't a level you can simply reach by leveling up through killing monsters for experience points.

V Rising works a bit differently and implements a cumulative system to calculate your overall level. Similar to other RPG titles, your overall level is dictated not only by your stats but also by your gear and the improvements made to them.

To see your current level, also called your Gear Rating, you can simply open up your inventory and check it. If this rating is higher than your enemies, you will have an easier time in fights against both mobs and bosses.

What is the max level in V Rising view your gear level in the character menu
You can see your overall level, or Gear Rating from your inventory. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

However, the rating system doesn't always mean it will be a cakewalk, as some enemies who are beneath your level can still be a challenge, as indicated by the color of their health bar. If it's red, they will be a challenge despite you having a higher level than they do.

If they have a skull on their health bar, this means you have a lower level than theirs and are under-leveled for this fight. Which will make it an extremely difficult fight to win, assuming you can win before getting taken out.

How to reach the max Level in V Rising

What is the max level in V Rising Increase your level by fighting enemies and improving your gear
Aside from fighting enemies you can also improve your Gear Rating by upgrading and improving your Armor and weapons. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

If you want to reach the max level of 80, then you have a few options to do so. The main way will be from fighting bosses and gaining high-level gear, since you will naturally gain experience as you go, making your gear is the biggest factor in pushing up your overall level.

Another way is the slow grind of farming and hunting for materials to craft to upgrade your armor. Once you reach the mid to late game, reaching the max level becomes more of a concern. You may want to invest in crafting Dark Silver Ingots as they are powerful resources for improving your gear Rating and creating some powerful weapons.

Lastly, even though the max level for you is 80, some enemies in the game will still be more powerful than that, so don't rely on levels to overpower every situation. Planning, strategy, and using items are still important in the world of V Rising and will mean the difference between victory and loss in most cases.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.